Finale: Pt. 1

Finale: Pt. 1

Season 4 |
Aired: June 4, 2008

After a hiatus, the Final Four return rested to Puerto Rico to duke it out in Part 1 of the two-part finale. For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs have to create two plantain dishes for Padma and Guest Judge Wilo Bennet. Stephanie's frituras impress both judges and she gains the advantage of choosing her competitors sous-chefs for the Elimination Challenge. The twist? The sous-chefs are past cheftestants! She takes Dale; Richard is paired with Spike; Nikki goes with Antonia; and Andrew works with Lisa. The Elimination Challenge is to butcher a whole pig and create dishes for a garden party at a Puerto Rican official's home. While the chefs cook, their sous-chefs do the shopping. Everything seems to be going pretty smoothly, until Dale leaves one of the pork dishes out overnight. He and Stephanie improvise and end up being in the top two with Richard, who ultimately wins the challenge and a car! Lisa and Antonia are on the chopping block, and because of a fatal flaw -- underdone beans -- Antonia is sent home.

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