Ariane: The Golden Goose

Ariane: The Golden Goose

Ariane answers our questions about winning the bridal shower Elimination Challenge. Were you excited to see Martha Stewart in the kitchen?
Yes very. I love Martha Stewart! What was the inspiration for your Quickfire challenge?
My dish was something that is quick, one pot, and a great addition for your holiday meal. Were your problems in the first few episodes forgotten after the last few wins?
Oh never!

How were the other chefs seeing you after?
I am unsure, still have to watch out for No. 1. Did you think deviled eggs were a safe choice?
No. It went with my phrase in the song and for a holiday cocktail party you always have deviled eggs. Were you worried at all that it was too safe?
It was a lot of eggs. I wasnt thinking safe, I was thinking about my phrase in the song, six geese a-laying. What did you think of the other chefs' dishes?

I thought everyone was being as creative as they could with their phrase in the What were you thinking when Tom came into the kitchen to talk to you guys?
What now?? Were you surprised no one went home?
Yes, and suspicious. Something was up. Did you think anyone really deserved to?
You always think someone should go home. Was there any doubt at all that everyone would help Hosea and Radhika after their food got spoiled?
No doubt at all. We are all professional! You and Jamie seem to be getting close, cooking next to each other. Why do you think you relate to each other more than the other cooks?
We are both down to earth. She says it like it is. I love that about her. Honesty. I am the same. What was going through your mind when the choir came in to sing?!

I loved it. I was singing right along with them. They were amazing!!!! Looking back on last week's episode, what is the most important thing to remember when cooking for a bridal shower? ... Cooking for a foodie bridal shower?
It better be good. She only gets one shower. Were you happy with Jamie's idea of borrowing Radhika's culture?
Yes, very. It seemed like Jamie really took charge in the kitchen -- what did you feel like each of your roles was?
We all had an important role. Each of us had a specific part of the dish to prepare. Jamie was obviously bummed she didn't win, do you think it strained your relationship at all?
Not at all. Do you think she deserved the win instead?
I was surprised I won, but I guess the judges thought I deserved it. What did you think of the other team's dishes and concepts?
I knew we had the best dish!

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