Designer For Hire

Designer For Hire

Kelly Wearstler's thoughts on why Ryan went home.

One of the more unexpected facets of being an Interior Designer For Hire is the ability to be an amazing listener. Student letters often ask that I name the "most valuable thing I've learned" over the years, and being an amazing listener is it.

Once you have the client's information, your job is to make their desires flourish in ways they never expected. It's about meeting the need, making it your own, and taking it to a new level. This was difficult to demonstrate in this week's challenge, however. Talk about paying your dues. Oh lord, this was it.

Thus far, the overall task of redesigning the garage definitely takes the prize for most tedious: sifting through the discombobulating needs of a disorganized family, excavating their mess, and then creating an altogether new vision for... a garage! Ho-hum.

Like Ryan, I might not have taken this job. Unlike Ryan, a level of excitement must be evident in your final result -- no matter what. Garage or no garage, where's the zest? Without much of any, this challenge proved to be Ryan's last.

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