Kelly Answers Your Questions

Kelly Answers Your Questions

You asked. Kelly Wearslter responds.

As this week is a repeat, Kelly has taken the time to answer some of the questions you've posted to her blog.


Monica wrote: Where do shop? Because every week your clothes are obviously carefully chosen.

I never limit myself and try to shop everywhere. The Internet, catalogs, department stores, boutiques, and of course, vintage clothing stores. kellys_qanda_02_320x240.jpg

Phyllis wants to know: You stuck up for Ryan in the last episode for "having a point of view" versus a "successful room." Can you tell us more about what you mean? Most designers improve over time, and I feel it is so much harder to be creative and original than to create an ugly or boring room. Ryan's room was highly original.

QueenLady asks: Why don't we see you guys asking the designers questions inside their rooms? The Producers set up how the show runs, I try to do as I'm asked. kellys_qanda_04_320x240.jpg

Harold: The hair: Love it, and love that you would do something so daring on national TV. Where did you get your confidence? I rarely get the opportunity to dress up and I felt like really having some fun with this.

Ted wrote: What dress were you wearing on the third episode?

This is a vintage slip that has been dyed and reworked.

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