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See Ya Later, "Top Design" Appreciators

Jonathan Adler reveals his favorite moments!

My fave moments:


1. Spending time with Kelly, Margaret, and Todd. They're all old pals of mine and I j'adore them and they made the whole experience sublime. For reals.

2. Kelly telling Michael that his room looked like it was "designed by a state-appointed designer" for an assisted living facility.

3. Michael and John's catfight in the first episode.

4. Ryan's ridonculousness. His pseudo-badass artist/Marxist/sociopolitical thing amused moi beaucoup. I always looked forward to his White Room shenanigans. adlersblog_102_03_320x240.jpg

5. Eric's pirate room! Ahoy mateys!

6. Goil cutting the back legs off of them Gothic chairs for the studio apartment.

7. Margaret's 50s glamour and K-Dubs mesmerizing ensembles. H.O.T.

8. Getting to see myself on TV. I know it's terribly uncool to admit it and it would be much groovier for me to say that I can't bear to watch myself, but that would be a lie. It's mesmerizing. It's like looking at a photo of yourself but so much better.

9. Matt's love of Lucite, which I share.

10. Having an entourage and hair and makeup team. Heaven.

11. Goil jumping up and down and clapping his hands like a little kid.

12. Being in The White Room. Very Dr. No if we do it again I want to have a fluffy white cat in my lap to stroke as I adjudicate.

13. Michael's undying commitment to "grape" and "margarine."

14. Carisa's garage sale room. In fact, I always dug Carisa's optimistic design.

15. Alexis Arquette saying that if she walked into a house and there was a niche in the wall she "would consider renting."

16. Finally, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Matt's winning loft design. He is so bloody talented and that loft was incredible. I can't wait to see the photos in Elle Decor and I know that he will be a design superstar.

Matt deserved to win Top Design. Mazel tov, Matt.
And now my least fave moments:

1. Michael refusing to answer me when I asked who he thought should be kicked off. This is a reality TV show, not a competition to see who can be Mother Theresa.

2. Every time I had to later somebody. Not fun.


3. When John revealed his HIV status and his housemates weren't that supportive. I was surprised that nobody rushed over and hugged him. Not feeling that.

4. The raging debate on the blogosphere about my socklessness. Yawn.

5. Watching Goil cry and have his Jan Brady moment. He is the sweetest little varmint ever and should never be allowed to experience emotional pain.

6. The heinous green and purple color scheme of the Miami cabana. I promise all of you that it was an atrocity in person.

7. Finishing filming at 5:00 am.


8. My terrible paranoia about hantavirus during that garage challenge.

9. Not getting a chance to see what Heather would have gotten up to if she had made it past episode 1. I have a feeling about that one...
10. Being away from my j'adorable Simon and Liberace while filming. So, that's it y'all. Thank you for reading my musings, thank you for watching the show, stop debating whether it's degrading to refer to interior designers as decorators (it isn't), tuck in to "Shear Genius" (Je can't wait), make your homes chic and happy, and watch Matt's career flourish. See ya later, decorators!

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