Short And Sweet

Short And Sweet

Kelly Wearster's behind-the-scenes take on the first episode.

Top Design is premiering already? So soon? Let me state clearly and unequivocally that I have never read, written, or even thought about a "blog" before in my life, so please, everyone, although this will be short and sweet this week, consider yourselves duly warned. One reason I loved the designers being paired up in the first challenge is because interior design IS teamwork.

Whether you're working with contractors, consultants, landscape or lighting designers, an interior designer must feel comfortable with the collaborative process. Seeing the programs handed over to the design teams and seeing six resulting designs emerge was very exciting for me.

Being on the judges panel meant none of us saw a thing going on behind the scenes. Seriously, we saw the designers receive their program and then were around to review the final results. It will be awesome to actually watch the episodes, witness the design process as it unfolds, and find out whose idea it really was to paint the walls blue, throw down that shag rug, or just throw down. I know the designers all worked very hard for Alexis on this first challenge, who couldn't have been more gracious. Letting someone go at the end of the episode was difficult because we knew how hard the designers must have worked. Going from schematic to conceptual to design to implementation and installation in such a short amount of time...I can't imagine.

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