Sleeping And Eating And Working, Oh My!

Sleeping And Eating And Working, Oh My!

Kelly Wearstler elaborates on the 'garage sailing' process.


I get shivers when I remember some of the college & post-college pads I designed and made my own. I remember finding a rug at a vintage store and using it as a wall hanging. The rug's graphics were amazing, plus I lived in a basement so it really helped with acoustics. I love taking what you find and re-imagining it into something altogether new... ...which brings us to a central point regarding this week's episode: It's not always where you buy, it's what you buy.

Shopping usually involves knowing you're going to Rodeo Drive for hats & handbags, to Storyopolis for children's books, or to the nearest Whole Foods for organic food. When you go garage saling or shopping at a flea market, the opposite is true. Everything you could possibly find will be a surprise. kellys_104_02_320x240.jpg

Andrea was horrified at the prospect of garage saling, but I think by the end of the episode we had a convert on our hands. Stripping the designers of all pretense and sending them out into the wild clue(less) yonder to garage sale looked like it turned out to be a lot of fun for most of the designers. I loved some of the pieces that were recreated this week, and felt a lot of joy was expressed during this week's challenge. Shopping for surprises can be a fun & successful path to great design.

I enjoyed this week's client / designer meetings. Without an official program detailing job requirements, twenty minutes is not a lot of time to accurately grasp what a person is about. What questions would you ask? Carisa's wonderful use of color really wowed the judges & she ended up winning this week's Top Design. I think we all smiled when we first saw her space. I wish I could say the same for Felicia, who surprised us and ended up going home due to a nice wall covering but little else that worked. Granny's afghan thrown (up) on the bed certainly didn't help. Sorry Felicia!

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