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Survival Of The Fittest

Felicia Bushman calls Preston, Nathan, and Shazia's design a disaster.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh no!! This was actually my favorite episode to work on. It was probably the most difficult logistically, an entire apartment per team in just 2 1/2 days. And with all of the trades and vendors available to the designers, this was no easy feat! Everyone involved worked day and night to pull it off. This challenge really put each designer to the test, even though they worked in teams you could see their styles emerge throughout the process because there was so much to do each person had a chance to shine (or NOT!)


The Red Team - Eddie, Natalie and Ondine. These three worked really well together. They had a lot of fun with it. Eddie has great style and seemed to have the majority of the ideas for the space but when it came to working with the trades and vendors he really fell short. He complained about the painters, struggled with his carpenter, blamed his seamstress and as you saw he fought with the salesman! He is talented but could use a slight attitude adjustment... Natalie was a great team player and is kind to everyone but she didn't quite hold her own when it came to putting the ideas forth. Ondine shined through and expressed herself. The entry and screens were gorgeous and innovative, but she didn't even think for one moment how to translate her ideas to suit her client's needs. He was not happy. obie_04.jpg The Blue Team - Andrea, Teresa and Wisit. They also work well together. They each brought their ideas to the table and all contributed equally. Teresa mentioned her role as an assistant, but as I watched them it seemed to me like it was a pretty equal effort. Wisit chose great fabrics and Andrea really knows how to style a bed! Most importantly they listened to their client. I saw his face when he walked in the door and he was truly blown away. eddie_03.jpg The Green Team - Preston, Nathan and Shazia. Here we go again. It was a disaster from the beginning. They fought against each other and didn't even finish their apartment. It was a mess... Shazia claimed she worked hard but I didn't see it. She is really a sweet girl and I don't mean to harp on it but being a designer is hard work. We have to get our hands dirty and burn the midnight oil. She just doesn't get it. Survival of the fittest!!

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