Jonathan Adler says goodbye to Wisit.

Why????? Why did you have to let us down this week? Why Wisit, why??? I wanted you around until the very end, surprising us and delighting us and singing for us and sprinkling your magical fairy dust on national TV. Wisit has to be one of the most j'adorable characters ever to grace a reality show. Gentle, creative (!), hilarious, sweet (but not too sweet--no wuss, our Wisit), J'ADORABLE! Wisit is a one-off and I'm devastated to see him go. But, holy mother of God did he have to go! That room was gruesome and Wisit knew it. He's all about polished elegance and there was no room for polished elegance in this challenge. It was a down and dirty recycle-it situation and that is soooooooooooooo not Wisit, but I kinda' wish he had tried.

Oh well, whatever, he didn't and that's fine and I'll miss seeing him each week and that's the big bad world of reality TV. Cute challenge this week. Green is groovy (as my husband says) and some of the kids got their groovy on. LOVED Eddie's room. He totally understood the challenge and made some really clever choices. I was particularly impressed with his ceiling fixture made from the louver blinds and his carpet pad wall. I thought of Eddie's room just yesterday when I was having a meeting with one of my operatives and we needed to come up with a creative and cost-effective solution for a wall treatment, and my operative was all Nelly Negativity and threw in the towel and said that there was simply no answer and our client had to spend squillions of dollars to make the wall as couture as it had to be. I was like, "Dude, Man up and come up with a solution--take a challenge and make it work."

Of course, with a tidgy bit of creativity and ingenuity we came up with a cheap solution that was actually more interesting and chic than our original idea. Eddie man'd up, overcame a hideously difficult challenge, and actually created a room that worked. Tres tres impressive. Wisit was negative and threw up his paws in defeat and defeated he was. Props to Eddie, and a hearty "Wah, wah" to Wisit. Also of note this week: Ondine's chandelier. Gorgeous, divine, CREATIVE, clever, connoisseurial (loved that she referenced a Murano glass chandelier), provocative, and GREEN. Her chandi showed that Green can be Groovy.

And, Preston's room was kind of brilliant aussi. Our Preston is starting to show his true colors and I like what I see. He knows how to create order from chaos, he knows how much he can accomplish in the allotted time, he doesn't kvetch, and he manages to solve the design challenges and show his style (polished, clean, modern, EXPENSIVE) in each challenge. Props to Preston. Everybody else? I was kind of like, whatever. But back to Wisit. Wisit--You are awesome and I was very sad to see your gorgeous voice fade away. I can't wait to see what you create when you aren't constricted by a reality TV challenge. Peace out, dear Wisit! - Jonathan Adler www.jonathanadler.com

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