Here Are 6 Tall Dog Breeds That We Wish We Could See in the NBA Playoffs

Here Are 6 Tall Dog Breeds That We Wish We Could See in the NBA Playoffs

While these pups are good jumpers and love balls, there are no promises about their dribbling potential.

By Brienne Walsh

There are the kinds of people who like tiny dogs that fit in handbags. There are the kinds of people who like medium-sized dogs that are unremarkable for their size. And then there are the kinds of people that like dogs so big that children could ride them — potentially, we’re not recommending dog riding here.

For those who want dogs so big that you have to buy a king-sized bed if you want to sleep with them — much like you would if you dated an NBA player — we give you the list of the six tallest dog breeds measured by their height on hind legs. Hey, if we could get these pups together to make a team, it'd even make us want to tune in to basketball games.

Irish Wolfhound

Once bred to hunt wolves and other large prey, the Irish Wolfhound can stand up to seven feet tall on his hind legs — which is taller than LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant.

Great Dane

Also bred to hunt large game like boars and deer, Great Danes also can stand up to seven feet tall on their hind legs. In fact, the tallest dog on record is Zeus, a Great Dane, who measured at 7’4” before his death in 2014 — yes, that’s taller than Shaquille O’Neil by three inches.

English Mastiff

English Mastiffs don’t generally stand on their hind legs — and in fact, often are plagued with hip problems later in their lives. But the largest English Mastiff ever measured was Zorba, who weighed 343 pounds, and measured 8’3” from nose to tail — a height that would dwarf even the tallest basketball player.


Along with being ridiculously cute and fluffy, the Newfoundland is a contestant for the tallest dog in the world, with a recent male, Boomer, measuring 7 feet from nose to tip of tail.

Saint Bernard

Like English Mastiffs, Saint Bernards rarely stand on their hind legs because of their heavy weight — males can weigh up to 250 pounds — and hip problems. But the average Saint Bernard male, standing on his hind legs, would tower over six-feet-tall. In this group, the Saint Bernard is the littlest of the bunch. But still taller than 85% of men in the world.

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