7 Treats for the Best #TongueOutTuesday Pic

7 Treats for the Best #TongueOutTuesday Pic

If you want to snap a cute dog pic for Instagram, these are the tricks for you.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

We're not saying we're in the whole dog ownership thing just for the 'gram, but we'd be lying if we said we didn't hold ourselves back from posting hourly updates of all the cute things our pooches do. In order to not totally lose all our followers who want to see more than our pet sitting like a good boy, sleeping like a good boy and pretty much playing with both his toys and our socks also like a good boy, we limit our posts to only a few times a week.

One of the best days to post a pic is on Tuesdays, where it seems like anyone who likes animals, posts photos with tongues out for #tongueouttuesday.

Some pups will instantly lick their lips at the sight of a tasty morsel and, if that’s your dog and you have quick enough reflexes, congratulations! If you're us, he'll stop doing that right after he gets the treat or 0.5 seconds before we hit the button to snap the pic.

However, through our years of trial-and-error, we've found that it's easiest to get the best tongue pic with sticky, tempting treats and here are the seven best ones we've tried.

Peanut butter is the quintessential sticky dog treat. Pop a small amount on a spoon, open up your camera app and have your snapping finger ready to go. For us, holding something up that's filled with a yummy and pulling it away works better than putting a treat inside a toy we set down.

If you want to try putting down a treat to snap a pic, fill up a toy like a Kong which sells its own Kong Stuff’n Easy Treat products for this very purpose. This works with for pups who won't run away with the quarry before you can get a good photo.

Another trick is to offer a small amount of something you're eating out of your hands. We’ve done this with a small amount of low-fat cream cheese from a bagel on a finger. It’s not a treat we'd give to our pups often, but it’s sticky and smelly enough that most pups are intrigued for a special Tuesday photo opp.

Say (cream) cheese! #sharingiscaring

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Pumpkin is another sticky treat that’s actually good for dogs beyond just the fall holidays. Make sure it’s 100% pure canned pumpkin (with no sugar!) Adding this to a frosting piping tool makes it easy to squeeze out a small amount and then hold the tool overhead for a good photo while your pup patiently waits for more. (Even if you just have the rounded tool tip, check to make sure the edge is not sharp to the touch and put a small amount of pumpkin in a plastic baggie, cut off one corner of the bag and insert that end into the piping tip, DIY-style.) As a bonus, pumpkin is a useful addition to a dog’s diet when he has diarrhea.

Banana is also great. The fruit's already very smushy and can be mashed even more into a sticky treat or mixed with another great option, yogurt, then frozen into a doggie ice cream delight.

Plain yogurt alone on a spoon works as well.  Plus, for extra credit, you can use non-fat yogurt as “frosting” on an existing doggie cookie.

I give this cookie four paws up! #treatyopup

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Lastly, if you're not into offering human food to your pooch, keep it simple with wet dog food. (If your dog typically eats kibble, wet food is like a special treat in itself.) This works if you put a little bit of wet food in his bowl to give him a taste and then take away the bowl to refill. There's a good chance once he sees the bowl heading back his way, his tongue will already be out and ready for more ... just in time for you to take that pic.

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