Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Oregon… And They’re All Adoptable!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Oregon… And They’re All Adoptable!

Buckle your seat belts, you’re in for some cute dogs who need forever homes!

By Stacy Lenz

Real Housewives franchises are nothing without a glamorous trip. From a decadent packing montage to fighting over the best hotel rooms, it’s the pinnacle of each Housewives season. Sometimes our ladies go to Spain for the 50 Cynt Challenge and other times they unwind in spas in Ojai. Today’s Real Shelter Dogs live on a campus worthy of a Housewives trip (at least a glamping one): nestled in the woods of Eugene, Oregon, is Luvable Dog Rescue. 

Luvable Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to re-homing exceptional, loving dogs that have been rescued from high-kill shelters where they had little chance of being adopted. Their rescue philosophy is guided by the phrase “Place, Pack and Purpose.” Set on a beautiful 55-acre wooded sanctuary (“Place”), the rescue dogs go on daily hikes and enjoy outdoor playtime while they heal and grow with their new “Pack” (both human and canine) to find their “Purpose” of being a loving companion and family member at a forever home. While not all dogs live onsite and some live with foster families, all dogs receive the love and exceptional care to make them ready to find their forever homes. Frankly, if this was a service for people, sign us up! 

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines!  

"If I don't sniff you, then you're not worth sniffing." — Bernie"

Bernie is a young, active Shepherd looking for someone to bond with and go on lots of adventures with! Pulled from a high-kill shelter when she was pregnant, Bernie gave birth to four puppies that have all now been adopted into loving homes. She is initially more comfortable with women than men, but once she meets them she warms up. Bernie LOVES hiking, playing with a good squeaky ball and can figure out lots of puzzles and interactive toys. She’s a smarty! Bernie wants to be with her person as much as possible and not sit at home alone all day. Her ideal match is an active woman to explore the beautiful PNW with! If you are interested in adopting Bernie, email for an application!

"I'm a ball and toy girl. It's my legacy and my calling." — Brandy

Brandy LOVES being with her people and is a very playful girl. She always has a toy in her mouth and gets so excited to go for walks — she basically loves to do anything that involves the people she loves! Originally surrendered by her pervious owner who was homeless, causing her to have her litter of puppies in the backseat of a car, she is hoping to find a new forever home so she can spend all her time with her new people! If you are interested in adopting Brandy, email for an application!

“Wiggle butts aren't everything, but it's something.” — Liam

Liam is a super excited, stocky little powerhouse! He loves to go and go and go! Liam just had his ACL repaired and is doing great. He loves other dogs but sometimes gets a little too excited so he would do best with a calm but playful female dog his size or bigger to play with. Liam loves people, getting lots of attention and has quite the wiggle butt. If you are interested in adopting Liam, email for an application!

“Cats come and go, but a dog's love is forever.” — Marinara

Marinara is a beautiful and incredibly sweet Schnauzer mix that arrived the rescue last year. Mari LOVES people and is a wonderful lap companion and an excellent walker! Due to a prior injury and nerve damage to her spine, Mari is partially incontinent, and sometimes leaks urine or will drop a nugget. Luckily it’s easily managed and she looks awfully cute in her bloomer diapers. She does not like to share attention so she should be the only animal in the home. We know that there is the perfect family out there that will fall in LOVE with her beautiful face and sweet soul! If you are interested in adopting

"I may know 'no bark,' but can speak to say I'm fabulous in every language.” — Sky

Sky is an affectionate dog that loves snuggles and kisses and is champ at commands and training. Sky plays dead and has been taught hand signals for "sit," "stay," "down," "crate," "no bark," and a release command, and is housebroken, crate trained and e-collar trained. Sky can even give kisses on command! Sky needs a fenced yard and must be the only animal in the house, but has done great with training and is easy to walk at a mellow speed and loves getting out for exercise! If you are interested in adopting Sky, email for an application!

"Make this dog part of your pack and let the games begin." — Darla

Darla loves to cuddle, get belly rubs and go for walks. She came to the shelter as a very pregnant, blind mama to be! She was a great mom and delivered eight healthy puppies. She has a medical condition that made her progressively more blind over her life, so she is still adjusting and sometimes runs into things. Because of this, she needs a fairly open fenced yard and a home that is easy to navigate, with only a few small sets of steps at most. She has learned to listen to the sound of her handler's feet to navigate and trusts her person completely to lead her in the right direction.

Darla has been living in a foster home and doing fantastic! She is fully housebroken and loves sleeping with her 12-year-old human foster brother! Her foster family is so excited to help Darla find her forever home with the right family! If you are interested in adopting Darla, email for an application! 

To learn more about this organization, please visit If you are interested in giving any of these featured puppers a forever home please email the provided address for an application! 

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