Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue … And Then Go Adopt One!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue … And Then Go Adopt One!

These adoptable dogs will herd their way into your heart!

By Stacy Lenz

When we think of Australia we don’t think of the usual stereotypes: not boomerangs, not crocodile hunting, not comparing incredibly large knives, not even a bloomin’ onion. No. What comes to mind when we think of Australia is the mantra “Shine, shine, shine,” an exquisite painting of a tiny dog named Figaro and the fact that Chyka, Gamble and Pettifleur are all really fun names. Clearly, all of our references came from The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and rightfully so, but they may need to step aside — all we can think of now when we call up Australia are Australian Cattle Dogs, thanks to the today’s Real Shelter Dogs from the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association.

The Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association is a non-profit organized to facilitate the rescue and adoption of Australian Cattle Dogs in need. Through their network of members and foster homes, they rescue, rehabilitate and rehome Australian Cattle Dogs and ACD mixes, and focus on educating the public about the special needs of the breed. Australian Cattle Dogs are incredibly smart and active which is important to consider if you are thinking about adopting one ... it’s almost as important as considering what to name them. (JK naming them is easy, may we suggest the name Chyka?)

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening-credits worthy taglines!

“I have a heart of gold and you should cash in.”Howdy

Howdy is about one year old and a product of bad breeding. He was born with Spina Bifida. Unfortunately it has left him with long term health issues, but he is still the happiest boy on earth! When his first owners found out about his condition, they didn’t want him anymore and dumped him to a local shelter. Don’t worry, Howdy's motto is "out with those people and in with my new peeps!" Howdy gets along with all people, children, cats, and dogs! His foster mom says he is just the best boy! He is currently located in Bloomfield, NY. Any questions please email

“I may not look like a cattle dog, but I’m REAL!” — Pepper

Pepper is about two years old and 55 lbs. She loves to lounge on the couch but her favorite spot is to perch on the back of the couch just like a cat. Pepper loves everyone she meets and expects the humans to give lots of love and petting. And she has lots to give! She LOVES to go outside, go for walks, and play fetch. Pepper would be perfect as an only dog. She is a great girl looking for a family of her own! For further questions please contact her foster mom at

I can deal with a lot, but I can't deal with chickens.Kidd

Kidd is one year old, spunky, 56 pounds, neutered, AND house-trained! Total package! He loves to play with his canine and feline foster siblings alike. He can run forever out in the pastures of his foster home, can turn on his after-burners, and run circles around his friends while they fetch. Kidd was surrendered for not getting along with chickens but country life would still suit him best. He loves to snuggle and has learned a lot about being an inside dog. While he’s not self aware enough to know his size, Kidd is social and happy. He is being fostered in Beulaville, NC. For further questions please contact his foster mom at

“Some may be spilling tea, but you’ll savor every last drop of Whiskey.” — Whiskey

Whiskey is a super sassy, sweet lady looking for a quiet home to love her BFF. Dropped in a shelter two weeks before she gave birth to eight beautiful pups, she was an amazing Mama and now it's time for her to find the most perfect family! She does better when she is the only animal in the home and warms up quicker to women than men. Very high energy, she is ready to accompany you on all the adventures life has to offer! Whiskey is being fostered in Saugerties, NY and any questions can be sent to
“If you think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, just wait until you meet me!” — Allie

Allie is an active, friendly girl, between one and two years old, looking for a forever family who can help her learn and grow. She's petite and fit, loves to play with toys, snuggle, and wrestle and enjoys hikes and long walks. Allie will do best in a home with a patient, good natured dog as a playmate and mentor. Absolutely stunning and ball crazy, Allie is also deaf. Due to her deafness and apparent neglect as a puppy, she is car-reactive and has some anxiety-based behaviors her adopters will need to continue to help her overcome. She is located in Livermore Falls, ME. Interested in learning more about Allie? Email her foster mom

“I may run circles around the court, but my game is on the rebound.” — Ginger

Meet Ginger! She's a 14-month-old, 20-pound ACD, that loves to play play play and is very energetic. Another deaf girlie, Ginger is 110% ACD and will need a home that has ACD or herding dog experience. She's super smart and loving and gives great kisses, is house broken and crate trained, and walks great on a leash. She will do best with a forever home willing to stay up on her training and continue to challenge her brain. Ginger is great with other dogs but can be a bit bossy. She would love a home with an active understanding family who will be able to release her crazy energy daily. Ginger is being fostered in Salem, NH. Questions? Email

Please email the provided email addresses if you are interested in adopting any of these sweet doggos or visit for more information or to adopt any of their other furry friends!

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