Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Massachusetts — And You Can Adopt One!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Massachusetts — And You Can Adopt One!

By Stacy Lenz

To The Real Housewives of New York fans, Massachusetts is only known for one thing — Dorinda Medley's Berkshires home, where birthday cakes are stacked and there isn’t an inch spared from a Christmas decoration (and, um, some spirited yelling). But we are here today to tell you about something equally memorable — the cute pups at Northeast Animal Shelter.

Northeast Animal Shelter is one of New England’s largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters.  They have placed over 125,000 cats and dogs since they opened their doors in the 1970s and pride themselves on finding the perfect match between pet and owner. They have many community programs including one where they bring animal visitors to local nursing homes. Talk about making it nice!

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines!

“I sit. I stayed. I made it nice!” - Maggie

Maggie is a 1.3 years old, 60 pounds, spayed female, black lab/chow mix. She’s a sweet, loving, laid back dog who enjoys going for walks. She went for a field trip here in Salem and had so much fun hiking and exploring. She is very people oriented.

“Let me tell you, once I’m part of your family, we’ll be as thick as thieves.” - Bo

Bo is a 1.7 years old, 55 pounds, neutered male, brown lab mix. He’s a sweet boy who loves to run around in yard. He loves people and is working on his social skills with other dogs. He needs to be the one and only dog for now. He is the type that would want to follow you around and be by your side at all times.

“I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I did have a tennis ball.” - Houdini

Houdini is a 1 year old, 67 pounds, neutered male, brown & black lab mix. He gets a long great with other dogs and likes to play but doesn't always know his own size/strength. He is a bit of an escape artist (hence the name). Tennis balls are his favorite!! He carries them around with him. He’s such a big goofball!

“My cuteness is organic, never artificial.” - Jesse

Jesse is a 2 years old, 55 pounds, neutered male, brown & white boxer/hound mix. He’s a sweet, fun, boy. He doesn't know how to properly greet people and other dogs so he tries to make his presence known by barking and jumping but the shelter has been working hard with him on his manners! He is working on his introductions to other dogs and would do best in a single family home with a fenced in yard he can romp and play in. Continued training is a must to help him be the best boy he can be! He has a few dog friends here that he's been successfully introduced to over time but may not be ready to live with another dog quite yet.

“People say I bring the party, and I say they’re right.” - Jordan

Jordan is a 1.5 years old, 52 pounds, neutered male, black & tan shepherd/hound mix. He’s a bundle of fun! He's rambunctious, loving, and playful. He’s a high-energy guy who exhibits typical hound behaviors - loves to play rough with his dog friends and sometimes forgets he should save that for them vs. his people friends. He would be a great running/hiking/adventuring partner.

“9 years in the game, and I’m still the cutest pup in Salem!” - Remy

Remy is a local gal from Massachusetts! She is a 9 year old, 40 pounds, spayed female, brindle & white Boston terrier mix. Remy is the sweetest girl there is. All she wants is to spend time with a person she can call her own. She's happy to lay in her bed and play with her toys next to her person. Don't let her age fool you though - she's spunky and still enjoys a good play session!! She loves to play a good game of keep away. Remy is diabetic and is on insulin twice a day. Outside, she will army crawl and roll over on her back for belly rubs. She's silly and sweet and brings so much joy to her "shelter family."

To learn more about this organization or to adopt any of these sweet doggos, please visit or call (978) 745-9888.

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