Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of California… Adoptable Senior Dogs Edition!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of California… Adoptable Senior Dogs Edition!

Welcome to Muttville. Population: Cute Dogs.

By Stacy Lenz

Is there anything more adorable than a senior dog? Let me stop you right there, the answer is a resounding NO! Seasoned with a little more life, senior dogs will completely melt your heart out of your chest AND, while puppies are great and all, senior dogs are much less likely to chew up your shoes or eat your couch. These dapper dogs have manners and very cute touches of gray fur. We could go on and on about the joys of older dogs (and we will, just not here — be careful if you run into us at a bar, it’s a lot of “LOOK AT THIS HANDSOME OLD MAN DOG” yelled while discretely weeping), but you should see them for yourself. Enter Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. (Their logo is a dog with a cane — OUR HEARTS CANNOT TAKE IT.) 

Based in San Francisco, California, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s mission is to change the way the world thinks about and treats older dogs. Focusing on dogs aged seven and older, they aim to create better lives for senior and special needs dogs through rescue, fostering, adoption, hospice, education, and advocacy. Hailing from either California shelters or after being surrendered from loving owners who can no longer care for them, dogs arrive at the cage-free shelter, are assessed by Muttville's on-staff veterinarian, and are then off to foster homes while they await a forever home. Over 1,000 senior pups were saved through this process in 2017 alone. And, if your heart isn’t sufficiently warmed yet (but of course it is you’re not a monster), their motto is “It’s never too late for a new beginning.” Go on, give one of these precious pooches a new beginning! 

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! 

“I like to have fun, but I don’t play games, except maybe fetch." — Larissa

This adorable nine-year-old Shih Tzu named Larissa can’t wait for you to be her new best friend! She is outgoing, very sweet, and trusting. Plus, she’s great with dogs of all sizes! 

“In this town, fame and money come and go, but forever homes should not." — Pierre

Pierre is a nine-year-old hypoallergenic, even-tempered, and gentle dog. Sadly, he was found as a stray with no owner in sight. Despite this, Pierre is just the sweetest pooch! 

“I speak no evil, but I see everyone here to pet me.” — Ferragamo

Twelve-year-old Ferragamo is outgoing, social, and very gentle. He comes right up to new people and stares at them with his big brown eyes until they give in and pet him! He’s truly a big sweetheart!  

“I fought too hard for this zip code to not go home with you now." — Couch Potato

Couch Potato is the sweetest little Chihuahua and he likes to snuggle up any time of the day! He is 11 years old! 

“The crown is heavy, darlings, so just carry me like the royalty I am." — Figaro 

This adorable little guy is sure to win you over with his charming looks — and we think he is a Mexican Hairless Dog mix. Figaro is also around 11 years old! 

“Life is a journey, and I’m finding my way home." — Benito 

This adorable nine-year-old terrier mix came to us all the way from Tijuana, Mexico, where he was found as a stray. Despite his rough past, Benito is a total sweetheart who loves people and other dogs. 

If you are interested in adopting any of these senior sweeties, please contact Muttville asks that potential adopters meet the dog first in San Francisco to ensure it's a match! For more information or to peruse other seniors, please visit

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