Summer Is in Full Swing — Especially for These Cute Swinging Pups

Summer Is in Full Swing — Especially for These Cute Swinging Pups

Here's what these summer pooches would say if they could talk!

By Heather Dale

It doesn’t take much to up the cute quotient when it comes to our doggies. Case in point: Dogs in cute sweaters? Check. Hilarious costumes? Oh yes. And you better believe dogs dressed as Christmas trees is a real thing. Because it sure is. If you have a pup like mine that is quite tolerable to such shenanigans, you may be a pet parent who has also dabbled in the fun that is putting your dog in a swing. Enriching their lives with exciting extra curricular activities is a good thing. Walks get boring after awhile, no? Or maybe we can just bribe them with yummy treats and squeaky toys to stay in a precarious position for the three seconds it takes to get the cute shot. Hey Instagram, I’m looking at you.

TGFD (thank God for dogs) and for dogs that are good sports about being in swings. Here are just some of our favorite “swingers” who played along for just long enough, that we can practically read their minds.

"Yippee! Back at the park, back at my happy place! Big push this time mama!" — Bouncer James

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"If you're looking for me, you'll find me swinging here until July Fourth." — Rosie the Saint Berdoodle

"I’ve got this 1-2-3 smile thing down to a science. Now hand over that piece of cheese dad." — Leo

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"Just call me Mr. June. Actually, scratch that. I want all twelve months to myself because I’m that handsome." — Doug

"Safety first they said. It’ll be fun they said." — Lana del Satan

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"Swingers unite! Look out Long Island, we’re coming for you!" — Bailey + crew

"It’s a chilly one today. But I've got this fur to keep me warm!" — Mango

"My favorite time of day. Recess." — Archie

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