The Super Cute Part of the Beverly Hills Dog Show That You Didn’t See on TV

The Super Cute Part of the Beverly Hills Dog Show That You Didn’t See on TV

Hint: It involved PUPPIES.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

The Beverly HIlls Dog Show Presented By Purina aired on April 1 and, ICYMI, the crowned champ King is super cute. But, one thing we saw at the actual event back in March was dare-we-say even more magical: The Best in Puppy Show. Puppies that are at least four months old but less than six months old are too young to compete with the adult pooches so there was a separate Best in Show event with dogs from the seven groups all competing for top dog. 

As you can imagine, these lil ones were not quite used to prancing around the ring and posing for the judges like older dogs but we definitely saw some stars in the making. 

Trick with treats: If you hold a small morsel half in your pup's mouth, he will stand still for the judging as he tries to work it out of your fingers. This Dalmatian was spot on!

Floofer focus: Pretending to throw a treat to get the dog to look in a certain direction is a trick I picked up and now use at home for pics of my pet. This Golden Retriever gets a gold star for modeling it. 

Wait, what kind of dog is that?! This dog had the most buzz because the breed is not one that's fully recognized by the AKC. Still in what's known as Foundation Stock Service (FSS), this Bracco Italiano got cheers from the crowd as she competed in the Miscellaneous Class. I was so intrigued I googled the breed from the sidelines and learned it is actually one of the oldest pointing breeds in the world and was introduced to the U.S. in the 1990s. 

Takin' a break. Most adult show dogs maintain standing poise while they're in the ring, even if the judge isn't close but this puppy was simply choosing to sit like a good boy and wait his turn in the sporting group. Can't fault him for that!

The puppies were irresistible ... even to other puppies. This Bulldog competed in the puppy group but seemed especially (and possibly even more) interested in watching from the sidelines. Many times the pooch tried to crawl under — or through — the gate to get a better view.

And the big winner! This Miniature American Shepherd won the Best in Puppy Show trophy and I'd have to say it's obvious from the poise displayed in this picture. Congratulations!

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