Breeds Are Predicting Real Estate Trends in New York City, Reports the Times

Breeds Are Predicting Real Estate Trends in New York City, Reports the Times

Where the poodles go, so follows expensive real estate.

By Kristyn Pomranz

If you want to know about what’s trending in the world of New York City real estate, you could watch Million Dollar Listing: New York (honestly you should watch it regardless just for Fredrik Eklund) or you could just check out which dogs are populating which neighborhoods.

A recent long-form piece in The New York Times claims that “New York’s dogs can be a cipher for understanding gentrification, and sometimes predicting it — when the designer pups arrive, rising home prices may not be far behind.”

This theory has held true for the past five years in the neighborhood of Clinton/Chelsea, which had the largest influx of poodles in any area from 2012 to 2016. Similarly, New York City real estate agent Steve Snider said, “It feels like, when you move into the West Village, they give you a free French bulldog.” (We wish!)

Meanwhile, the good people of Brooklyn still prefer their rescues. Animal Care Centers of NYC reported their highest placement rate ever in 2017 (91.2%), with an emphasis on the much-maligned pit bull (with adoptions up 10% – 20%). In the neighborhood of Clinton Hill, the average price of a home rose 66% from 2012 to 2016, but the pit bull held steady as the number one breed (followed by the Labrador retriever and the Chihuahua).

But given New York real estate’s space insufficiency, there are some breeds that will always work despite your neighborhood and despite your income bracket. The city’s number one dog was the lap-friendly Yorkie; number two was the equally-small Shih Tzu; and number four was the tiniest of all, the Chihuahua. (Number three was, surprisingly, the 80-pound Labrador retriever, which further proves its popularity despite its lack of geographic practicality.)

For more information — including New York City’s most popular pet names of 2017 (you can see the 2016 list here) — read The New York Times’ article, “We Analyzed Every Dog Registration in New York.”

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