It’s So Cold in Canada That Even the Penguins Are Staying Indoors

It’s So Cold in Canada That Even the Penguins Are Staying Indoors

And you thought you were freezing!

By Brienne Walsh

Penguins, like, come from Antarctica, right? They should be chill with super cold weather? (Ok, we just Googled it.) There are many penguins in Antarctica, but the species can also live in areas that are much warmer like the Galapagos Islands.

In any case, no matter where penguins originate, it is currently too cold for them in Canada. It’s so cold, in fact, that the Calgary Zoo has moved their King Penguins indoors. 

Although the King Penguins can survive subantarctic weather, the zoo has a policy that whenever temperatures dip below -13 degrees Fahrenheit, they move their tuxedoed friends indoors. The temperature in Calgary has averaged -18 degrees Fahrenheit in recent days, and with the wind chill, it has felt as cold as -40.

The decision was hastened by the fact that there is a baby chick amongst the flock, who needs extra care. Much in the same way you wouldn’t let your toddler hang out outside in super cold weather, zookeepers want to keep the little one safe from harm.

And you thought you were freezing you’re a** off wherever you were in the United States! It’s cold everywhere, folks. Even for the penguins. Trust us, if penguins have to stay indoors to be comfortable, then you have every excuse to hibernate in your pajamas as long as this cold spell lasts. Godspeed with your binge watching.

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