Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of North Carolina … And They’re All Adoptable!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of North Carolina … And They’re All Adoptable!

Going to Carolina in my mind (to adopt a dog).

By Stacy Lenz

Thanks to Southern Charm, we spend a lot of time thinking about the dogs of South Carolina ... well, one dog specifically — Elvis, Cameran Eubanks’ neighbor’s dog. We’ve wondered “really though, did they straight up steal their neighbor’s dog?” as we’ve watched him twinning with Cameran’s baby, doing #sponcon and even being made into fine art ... and now he has even made his big TV debut on the show itself. With Elvis’ star rising, it’s time for us to look for some new Carolina canine talent, speficically slighty more north with the lovable dogs of Carolina Boxer Rescue located in Hampstead, North Carolina. (New show pitch idea: Northern Southern Charm.) 

Carolina Boxer Rescue is a volunteer-run, nonprofit rescue dedicated to the health, safety and welfare needs of Boxers in the Carolinas (and parts of Virginia). The boxers they rescue come from shelters, humane societies and directly from owners to enter into volunteer foster homes throughout North and South Carolina and then ultimately into a loving forever home. Did you hear that Cam and Jason, you don’t have to keep “borrowing” your neighbor’s dog when you can just adopt one close to home?! And can we suggest Sheena or Maddux for some Bravolebrity synergy? (The pups won’t even notice if you change the spelling to Scheana or Madix!) 

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! 

“I may clown around but I'm nobody's fool… unless there are treats involved.” - Copper

Copper is a silly, snuggly guy! He loves to be on the couch or following his people around, and really enjoys walks and squeaky toys. Treats aren’t too bad either! Copper loves everyone he meets from big to small and wiggles for them until he gets some love. Other dogs are great, too! The more the merrier for this happy boy!

"They say gentlemen prefer blondes but everyone always prefers me." - Layla

Layla is the sweetest dog and loves people! She loves to snuggle and be around people. She is the most obedient dog we've ever had and knows how to sit, lay down and shake. She goes to the door when she needs to use the bathroom and goes in her crate every night. She loves to look out the window and is so cute. She will make a wonderful pet to a family WITHOUT another pet. She is not good with other dogs and needs to be with a family where dogs aren't close by. Other than that, she is the best people dog ever!

“You’re not gonna change this leopard’s spots or the fact that I’m a Good Boy.” - Maddux

Maddux, aka Mad Max, is a special, young boy. He developed a benign bone growth in his spine that rendered his back legs useless. CBR raised money for an MRI and a successful surgery to help him walk again. His rehab and water therapy are working well and Maddux has been a happy guy through it all. He is great with dogs, cats and kids too!

"I may be named Opal but I sparkle like a diamond." - Opal  

Although we did not know it at the time, sweet Opal came into the rescue pregnant. She has since given birth to eight precious babies and will soon be ready to find a home of her own. She is great with dogs and kids too. Although Opal is deaf she is very observant, making communication easier than you might think. And Lassie has nothing on this girl when it comes to alerting you to a problem. She will come find you if something is amiss. Whatever family she ends up joining will be very lucky as they will have gained a loving loyal friend that is very unlikely to ever let them down.

“Everybody loves a comeback story, no Bones about it.” - Bones

Bones earned his name as a result of all the parasites he was carrying. Some good food and medical means that we will have to change that name soon! Bones is a young boy, great with kids and other dogs, and who can resist that underbite?

"Money can't buy you love; but it can buy you hot dogs.” - Sheena

Sheena is a beautiful, two-year-old, brindle girl that LOVES running around in the yard. She loves having the Frisbee while her foster brother chases her. He’s old, so she slows down for him and when he catches me her give him the Frisbee. It’s adorable! She is house trained, spayed, heartworm-free, and up-to-date on shots! She’s not a fan of going into the crate but once she’s in there, she’s fine. To be honest, men scare her a little at first but her foster dad is winning her over with yummy hot dogs treats and they are becoming buddies.

To learn more about this organization or adopt one of these amazing adopotables or one of their boxer buddies, please visit

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