Enter Catolet: A High Tech Litter Box for Taking Care of Business

Enter Catolet: A High Tech Litter Box for Taking Care of Business

The planned product features an automatic conveyor belt tray — and would attach to your home's plumbing.

By Heather Dale

If you are a current cat owner and have had it up to here (picture hand-to-chin level annoyance) with cat litter box cleanup duties, the end may be near! Thanks to Kickstarter, the online land of hopeful business ideas and dreams, some cat lovin’ genius said NO MORE to smelly, messy litter cleanup and developed an automatic litter box for cats and small dogs called the Catolet. 

The Catolet comes with an automatic conveyor belt tray that is activated after a period of time once the sensor picks up movement. When triggered, the Catolet  — which is connected to your plumbing — automatically washes the belt and flushes the contents from the tray down the sewer.

And those pesky poops that like to stick (literally) around? The Catolet will work its magic to crush ‘em with a sophisticated shredder and then send them on their merry little way. If that wasn’t enough to blow your mind, the inventors even went as far as building an app that gives you the ability to provide the ultimate potty time experience for your pet. No further details provided, but we can all use our imaginations on this one. 

At the very least, have a peek at the Catolet’s Kickstarter page, which features a cheeky video with talking cats and loaded promises (two vital ingredients to run a successful Kickstarter campaign in my humble opinion). Pricing starts at $159 and Catolets are expected to ship in April 2018 — who else wants one?!

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