This Pet Cockatoo "Ran" Away From Home, and Took a 14-Day Cruise Vacation

This Pet Cockatoo "Ran" Away From Home, and Took a 14-Day Cruise Vacation

Maybe she was craving piña coladas with that bird seed?

By Jenny Berg

In today's lifestyles of the rich and feathered, a missing pet galah cockatoo has been found ... on a luxurious cruise ship. Hey, if a bird has to run away, she may as well do it in style! 

This story begins in Queensland, Australia, where a family by the name of Cozzi was excitedly packing for a sea-bound vacation. But, their joy turned to panic when their beloved pet bird, Harri, escaped from her cage. And apparently, she set right off for the Tasman Sea. (Not just any bird bath will do for this pet, you see.) 

Luckily, staffers aboard Princess Cruises' Sea Princess vessel crossed paths with the adventurous bird, and were able to link her back to her family using a microchip.

But, until Harri could rejoin her humans, she was given the royal treatment aboard the New Zealand-bound Sea Princess. During her 14-day jouney, the bird became an honorary crew member — and she had the perks to prove it. Harri's stay on the ship included daily meals, her very own stateroom, and watchful protection from the crew. 


In the meantime, the Cozzis had set off on their own adventure aboard P&O Cruises Pacific Aria ship. Once they arrived back on land, they got word from Australian Agriculture Department officials that Harri had been found. And, the happy family was able to retreive their missing friend from the Sea Princess, which had by then been docked.   

In a statement, bird mommy Michelle Cozzi said: "We are very excited to have Harri home because she is a much loved member and indispensable part of our family. We’d hoped for her safe return but after Harri had been gone for a few days, it wasn’t looking good. It was amazing to discover she had been found on another cruise ship. It was just the best news possible."

This story has such a happy ending, it gives us wings. 

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