The 27 Cutest Dogs Dressed As Reindeer on the Internet

The 27 Cutest Dogs Dressed As Reindeer on the Internet

‘Tis the season to humiliate your dog.

By Brienne Walsh

Oh, the weather outside is …well, depending on where you are, it could be quite warm. But we agree, your dog does look like he wants to be strapped into a pair of reindeer antlers, and then forced to sit still for a photograph for your Instagram account. I mean, why even have the Internet if you don’t use it to circulate photographs of your puppy looking like Rudolph’s more slobbery little brother?

Because we all know the best thing about the holidays, besides excessive drinking and unwrapping presents, is the proliferation of images of animals dressed as characters from Christmas stories.

We looked far and wide, and spent precious time when we could have been ending world wars to find these 18 images of dogs dressed as reindeer on the Internet. We promise you, however, that these are the cutest photographs of Dogdeer that you have ever seen. You’re welcome, and happy holidays.

Anyone seen Santa?

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#tbt Corgnelius, the happiest reindeer in the world. #CaniHasYourMilkAndCookies?

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Reindeer or doodle??? It's hard to be sure . . . 💚🙂❤️

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#merrychristmas #reindeerdogs #loveourfurbabies

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