There's Now a Whole Museum Dedicated to the Gloriousness of Dachshunds

There's Now a Whole Museum Dedicated to the Gloriousness of Dachshunds

Here's where you need to go to find it.

By Tamara Palmer

Museums dedicated to dogs exist all over the world (like the AKC Museum of the Dog which will soon move to NYC), but the brand-new Dackelmuseum in Germany may be the first to focus solely on the dachshund.

"The world needs a sausage dog museum ... No other dog in the world enjoys the same kind of recognition or popularity as the symbol of Bavaria, the sausage dog," the museum's co-founder Seppi Küblbeck told BBC. He reminded that a dachshund named Waldi served as the official mascot of the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Küblbeck and partner Oliver Storz, who are both master florists in Passau (where the museum is located), have created a space with more than 4,500 dachshund artifacts to share with the public, including showing off their ownlive sausage dogs, Seppi and Moni. Included are photographs of famous dachshund owners like Albert Einstein and Leonard Nimoy. According to their website, it took over 25 years to amass this special collection, glimpses of which are starting to be shared on social media. 

According to The Times, some of the Dackelmuseum's retail and restaurant neighbors have gotten excited and put dachshund-themed food including truffles and pizza on the menu, in case you want to spend a day around a particular dog breed in this fabulous Year of the Dog.

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