These Dogs Embrace That Fireplace-and-Chill Life

These Dogs Embrace That Fireplace-and-Chill Life

Cozy up to the end of the year.

By Heather Dale

’Tis the season for ugly sweaters, spiked eggnog, and spending quality time with people who share the same DNA as us. But for most four-legged fur kids, there’s a little something something around this time of year that tickles their fancy more than a good holiday sweater, and maybe even more than grandma’s special meatballs. It’s FIREPLACE SEASON! Yes, this is certainly a recognized season if you and your furball have — or long for — a fireplace of your very own.

Like cats to catnip, dogs can smell a good warm and cozy fireplace a mile away. Why? Because it’s like a warm lap, minus the person and the interruptions. And if you dare to throw in a fuzzy blanket and a bed for your doggy to curl up in, well, you’ve just created five-star fireplace pet accommodations for them. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see your pooch until Spring! The following dogs were clearly the inspo behind this post … because fireplace season rocks and so do they. 


Percy the Pug looks picture perfect in front of her wood burning fireplace. Get it, girl!

Declan and Agnes

Introducing yin yang Bull Terrier siblings Declan and Agnes. Their dad Brandon is helping these rescue doggies live their best life, even if it means never being able to pry them away from the cozy fire.

Oliver, Luna and Jasper

Double doggy beds, stockings hung by the chimney with care, AND a wood burning fireplace to top it all off? Oliver, Luna and Jasper, got room for one more?! I’m moving in!


Clearly American Bulldog Lily is enjoying her new life post adoption, as well as the hypnotic lure of a crackling fire.


Turn that frown upside down Watson the Boston! You know you love fireplace season!


Miss Ella is staying so poised by the fire ... all the way until Christmas 2018?

Lulu and Nacho

Annnd when you are inches away from hot ash and embers, you know you might be a wee bit fireplace obsessed. Looks like Lulu and Nacho didn’t get the memo. Be careful you two!


According to Bow’s Instagram page, it’s his fireplace and he’ll do what he wants with it.

Hallie Mae

Hallie Mae the Harrier Hound is giving the look of all looks right here which says “don’t you dare offer me a walk right now and make me choose.”

Caught hogging the fire #harrierhound #dogsinfrontoffireplaces

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Beau the Frenchie is a skateboarder by day and a fireplace and chill kind of guy by night.

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