Feel Good Friday: 12 Dogs Wrapped in Christmas Lights

Feel Good Friday: 12 Dogs Wrapped in Christmas Lights

Yes, it is possible to safely take these pictures.

By Heather Dale

We’ve all seen the obligatory kids or cats wrapped in Christmas lights online, but have you spotted the doggies yet? Even those with the coldest of hearts will be cured of their bah humbug attitude this holiday season thanks to these illuminated, pawsitively adorable pups. Now before you go grab your dog and a string of lights, keep in mind that your lights will get hot to touch unless they are LED lights, which use light emitting diodes rather than filaments to produce light. So if they aren’t LEDs, get your photo as quick as possible to prevent any injury to your pet. Also, Christmas lights have a high lead content that is used to insulate the wiring for the lights and act as a fire retardant, so don’t let your doggy put them in their mouth or play with lights (and don't even attempt this if your pupper is tempted to do such things) — the lights could also break, too! Safety first y’all! Now without further adieu, let’s get this light show party started!


It may only be Mason the Corgi’s second Christmas, but after witnessing the cuteness that is exhibit A, and now B right here, we don’t think we’re being presumptuous in assuming he’s got Santa wrapped around his sweet little paw.

It's hard for Santa to see me with my little legs, so I thought this might help.

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Walker and Sterling

Nailed it! Walker the Malmut and Sterling the Siberian Husky have certainly mastered their matchy-matchy holiday photo smiles. And judging by their joint Insta account, retirement is treating them very, VERY well. Three cheers for rescue mama Lillian who has helped them hang up their dogsledding harnesses for good!


“The Bandit” as his fun loving parents like to call him is no stranger to holiday traditions. In case he’s reading this, we won’t bring up this photo of Christmas’ past since it doesn’t seem to be getting the whole rock around the Christmas tree thing. But by judging by this angelic pose, who cares because Bandit is in his element posing the perfect holiday photo. He’s got this! 


Poor Dixie is all wrapped up and has nowhere to paw-ty! Kind of loving the fact that these light up dress up sessions are an annual tradition in the Dunsworth household.


Twinkle twinkle little Molly? Or judging by her the look on her face, maybe more of a silent night after this photo was taken? We love you and all of your animated expressions Molly!  


Oh Rayna, you are such a precious pup! Here you are just rolling with the fact that you’ve been decorated like a Christmas tree. We can only hope those treats that your eyes are fixated on were extra yummy going into your tummy!


The weather outside may be frightful, but Chewy is staying cozy and warm wrapped up in this season’s latest haute couture line of lights, les lumiéres blanches. Trés chic!


There’s a lot happening in this photo and I gotta admit, I’m enjoying every inch of it! Bella is literally glowing from her very own personal light show display. And the faux poinsettias, red tutu, and matching Christmas balls really help to tie it all together.

Lexi and Archie

Fur sister and brother, Lexi and Archie have the calm, cool and collected thing down to a science… that is when they aren’t playing or interrupting their mama’s yoga practice! Even this year they don’t seem fazed by another round of holiday shenanigans. Lucky for us because they are sooo adorable!


That smile, those lights. We are smitten. Gibson, we can tell you’ve been a good boy this year. That diamond encrusted collar you’ve been eyeing? Sure no problem. We know just the place to get you some bling.

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