9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Maltese

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Maltese

Who knew that Maltese owners loved Mall Madness so much?!

By Kristyn Pomranz

The Maltese has a reputation as a “princess dog.” With long, white hair that needs near-constant grooming (and many like to decorate with a bow), their appearance actually betrays their personalities. In reality, Maltese aren’t prissy at all, but rather very intelligent, extremely curious, and deeply bonded buddies.

Similarly, their owners are often seen as “girly girls” who are more interested in having a pet as an accessory than a companion. But just like their pups, Maltese owners are unfairly judged. The truth is that they are actually very sweet, along with these nine other indisputable facts:

You really connect with that Justin Bieber song “Sorry”.

When you get into a fight — be it with a friend or a significant other — you have no problem being the one to say you’re sorry, even if you weren’t at fault.

You have a cabinet entirely full of board games.

As far as you’re concerned, every night is Game Night. (And we’re willing to bet that your favorite game is, ahem, Sorry!)

You actually answer your phone when it rings.

It’s 2018 and most people see an incoming phone call and send it straight to voicemail. But not you! You even answer if the caller ID reads “Unknown.” What’s that about?

You never forget to pack the eggs on top.

You put the heaviest, sturdiest items on bottom, then the eggs on top to make sure they don’t crack under the weight of your La Croix. Obviously!

You always wait for someone else to make plans.

Listen, you’re down for pretty much anything most of the time, but you don’t want to be the one deciding what that anything is.

You need snuggles, like, all the time.

From your partner. From your friends. From your dog. From your mom. If you’re on a couch with another living being, they better be cuddled up to you!

Your favorite Bravo show is Southern Charm.

Obviously you’re a fan of Cameran Eubanks (who isn’t), but more importantly, you’re into polite society and minding your manners.

Your spirit animal is the Energizer Bunny.

You have a zest for life and an insatiable need for activities. You just keep going and going and going…

Everybody loves you.

…because despite your over-the-top energy and boundless enthusiasm, you’re very easygoing. Friends and family always appreciate your happy-go-lucky attitude

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