9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Westie

9 Indisputable Facts About Every Single Person Who Has a Westie

Did you know all Westie owners have the exact same nine personality traits?

By Kristyn Pomranz

West Highland White Terriers — oh, sorry, you probably know them better as Westies — are one of those breeds that everybody loves. And when we say “everybody,” we mean everybody. Even the most highly discerning dog lovers have a soft spot for the wiley Westie — including The Real Housewives of New York City’s Countess Luann de Lesseps! (Meet her Westie, Aston!) 

Similarly, Westie owners are very easy to qualify. In fact, if you have a Westie of your own, we can 100% guarantee that all of the following nine facts pertain to you — no exceptions. 

You’ve been known to sit on the same side of the table as your significant other.

Is it a little bit silly? Sure. Do other people find it a little bit obnoxious? Probably. Do you care as long as you’re able to snuggle up to your sweets and hold hands under the table? Nah. 

You maintain your own finances.

You don’t rely on your parents. You don’t rely on your significant other. Your money is your money — you like to make it yourself and keep track of where it goes. 

You have never caused a car accident.

You’re a naturally vigilant person, but you’re especially alert on the road. Especially in this perilous age of texting-while-driving, you always stay hyper-focused behind the wheel. 

You love that song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

The Bobby McFerrin classic really resonates with you, and you can’t help but whistle along whenever it comes on your Pandora channel. 

You hold the door for the person behind you even if they’re really far away.

That lady with the baby is easily a full 30 seconds behind you but you just know how badly she needs someone to hold open the Starbucks door, so why wouldn’t you? 

You obsessively track your steps.

You’re not quite sure when or how it happened, but you’ve become one of those people that needs to “get your steps in.” You’re always tracking your health app, and if you’re at 9,332, you’ll be damned if you don’t go out and get another 668 before bedtime. 

You have no problem killing a roach.

Sure, they’re absolutely disgusting and you don’t enjoy doing it, but you’re not just gonna jump on a couch in paralyzing fear — no, no. You’re gonna get on your hands and knees and get rid of that sucker for good. 

You love to pull elaborate pranks on your friends.

You once posted your best friend’s phone number on Craigslist and told people to text if they wanted to pick up some free steak because she just had too much steak on her hands. 

You don’t believe in splitting food.

Here’s how every conversation out at a restaurant goes. You: Hmmm… I can’t decide between these two things. Friend: Want to get them both and split them? You: NEVER. NO SPLITTING!!!

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