Google Just Introduced “Dog View” With the Cutest Four-Legged Tour Guides

Google Just Introduced “Dog View” With the Cutest Four-Legged Tour Guides

This makes us ready to book a flight Odate, STAT.

By Heather Dale

Thanks to Google Japan, you can now take a virtual trip to the city of Odate, Japan, seeing the sights and main attractions of the city ... through the eyes of two adorably fluffy Akita fur balls named Akko and Asuka. Since Akita dogs are such an integral part of Odate’s history and culture, Google decided to strap their famous 360-degree street-view cameras on the dogs and let them play tour guides in the city

Naturally, one of the popular landmarks they take you to is the bronze statue of another famous Akita dog, Hachiko, who was so loyal to his previous owner, that he would wait outside of the railway station every day for nine years, hoping his owner would come home from work. And to think we can’t even get our dogs to stay close when they're off-leash. Geesh! 

What’s great about “dog view” is that you get to check out all of the most notable landmarks of the city and get a sneak peak of the picturesque wintery wonderland landscape, all the while having a furry head take center stage of the camera frame. Here are all the places you can virtually visit in Odate with the dogs being your trusted travel guides.  

Rumor has it that Google street view cameras are rentable, so maybe your pup and city might be up next?!

Credit: Google

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