Dog-on-the-Street Creepers: Google Lens Is About to Be Your New BFF

Dog-on-the-Street Creepers: Google Lens Is About to Be Your New BFF

Because what else would you want to do with your time?

By Brienne Walsh

Have you ever seen the most adorable dog on the street, and wondered what its breed was, but felt too shy to stop the owner to ask? Now you can do something more creepy, but less intimidating, and identify the dog using Google Lens.

All you have to do is take a photograph of the dog you want to identify — on the sly or not — and then open it in the Google Photos app on your smartphone. The Google Lens icon is on the bottom right hand corner of your screen (circled in red below).

If you click on it, the app will identify the breed of the dog you’ve snapped — but, it's not an exact science, so sometimes it will show you its top guesses. It will also offer a brief description about the breed (if it thinks it has identified it), or offer a few options for you to click on to learn more.

Google Lens doesn’t only work with dogs — you can also use it to identify buildings, plants, paintings in museums and, of course, CATS. It also helps you save contact information off of business cards, and add events from flyers into your calendar. Who says the future isn’t here?

Google Lens is the perfect tool for our image-based culture — or for a potential dog owner looking to adopt the most adorable breed imaginable. Even if you just want to learn more about different types of dogs so that you can really get into the Westminster Dog Show next year, Google Lens is perfect. Enjoy, doggie lovers!

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