Gucci’s New ‘Year of the Dog’ Animoji Made My iPhone X Dreams Come True

Gucci’s New ‘Year of the Dog’ Animoji Made My iPhone X Dreams Come True

Well, there goes the workday.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

I don’t consider myself a tech 'early adopter' but after my iPhone 6 met an untimely fate on the NYC sidewalk just one week before the iPhone X came out, I took it as a sign that I needed to suck it up and spend more money on a phone than I’ve ever spent in my life.

TBH, I didn’t research a ton about this phone and its features but the one thing that I knew about was the facial recognition and animoji. I played around with them when I got my phone ... but that floppy-eared, cute-albeit-generic-looking dog that comes standard on the Apple device simply didn’t hold my attention, leading me to opt for the panda instead.

Then, this afternoon, I stumbled upon an article noting that Gucci had released a “horrifying” dog animoji and I thought … "HORRIFYING, WHAT?!? This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen" and immediately downloaded the Gucci app to play with Orso and Bosco, the real-life pets of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I own a Boston Terrier and will literally love anything that features this breed. I have artwork, sweaters, rompers, t-shirts, shoes, pretty much anything I spot with a Boston Terrier-esque dog (or a black-and-white Frenchie that I can pretend is a Boston) needs to come home with me.

Gucci released the tech pups specifically for the Lunar New Year which begins on February 16, along with a full collection of clothes and accessories featuring these pets. Now I’m (sadly) still not living that $670 sneaker life but, boy, do I wish I were. In the meantime, using the app is 100% free.

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