In-Home Dog Wash Stations Are So Hot Right Now

In-Home Dog Wash Stations Are So Hot Right Now

This new home decor trend has gone to the dogs ... in a good way.

By Heather Dale

Do you ever make a list of non-negotiables for your dream house? Like a bigger closet? A workout room? What about a dedicated space to wash your pup?

As it turns out, doggy showers are the hottest new trend in home design with more and more people wanting a convenient spot to wash their pup that doesn’t require wrangling a garden hose (and your dog!), a kitchen sink (yuck!), or a bathtub — the hair, the HAIR! Right up there with three-car garages and horizontal wood fences, in-home dog showers are becoming a coveted wishlist item in many home builds. So much so that an architectural firm in New Jersey has started including dog baths in every one of their houses that are priced $800,000 and up.

When your laundry room has a custom dog wash ❤️ by Metropolitan Custom Homes

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We all know that dogs and dirt go hand in hand, especially at this time of the year, so it’s no surprise that pet parents are seriously contemplating adding dog showers to their current (or future) abodes. If you can make the dog wash experience that much more easier, efficient and enjoyable for you and your pup, the question is why wouldn’t you want one?!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, one big factor may be the price. With dog wash stations being typically built inside of a mudroom or laundry room — which fortunately already include the appropriate plumbing — you may still be looking at a price tag of around $3500 for such an addition depending its size and how bling-y you make it … because … well… the sky's the limit in the pet luxury world. But, if you do decide to go the practical route, your dedicated dog wash can easily double as a washing tub for your day-to-day cleaning needs. Might be worth taking on a little DIY home reno project after all!

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