We Chatted With America’s Sexiest Veterinarian, Evan Antin, Whose Love for Animals Would Make Anyone Swoon

We Chatted With America’s Sexiest Veterinarian, Evan Antin, Whose Love for Animals Would Make Anyone Swoon

Plus, we got him to dish on three things you probably don't know about him.

By Marni Eth

There is a reason Evan Antin, dubbed "Sexiest Beast Charmer” by People magazine, has one million Instagram followers, and the cute animals he poses with are only part of his appeal! Antin has movie-star good looks combined with a quirky personality (check out his “Boner Friday” IG series @Dr.EvanAntin), and a love for animals that would make anyone swoon!

When Antin is not traveling the world, he can be found at Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California, where he performs medical remedies on his many lucky patients. 

Unleashed caught up with the animal legend to discover interesting facts fans don’t know about him and if his pet parents know of his social media fame. 

Unleashed: Did you always want to be a vet, and if you weren't a vet, what would you be?

Evan Antin: I actually didn’t know for sure I wanted to be a veterinarian until I was 18 and in college. I always knew I wanted to work with animals, or that they’d play a major role in my life. Once I learned more about the sciences and began to develop an appreciation for medicine and surgery, my path became very clear — my life at that point was directed towards becoming a vet. I also have a passion for fitness, so I might have been a personal trainer if I wasn’t a vet. I actually was a personal trainer for one year after undergrad, prior to veterinary school. 

What is your favorite type of patient to treat?

I love seeing so many different patients and for so many reasons. Our simple pet dogs and cats are always fun because they’ve been domesticated (cats not exactly but basically domesticated, lol) and that means I can engage much more with them, and they often love the attention. At the same time, I get very excited if a big reptile comes to the hospital to see me! FYI - reptiles were the first animals to get me stoked on the animal world at a very young age. Crocodiles and cobras have been my fave animals for as long as I can remember. 

The #Tortoise and the #Hare...MEME THIS! While tortoise and rabbits have many differences (mammal vs reptile; fast vs slow; high alert vs relatively "chill"; fuzzy vs scaly+shell), they have something very much in common! And that's their #gastrointestinal tract and they're both #herbivores ! Both tortoises and rabbits are "Hind Gut Fermenters." The hind gut, in reference to their large intestines, is extremely important because billions of bacterial colonies, essential to their daily livelihood, actually ferment all that grass and hay and plant material they ingest (aka consume aka eat). Grass and hay innately have very little nutritional value yet tortoises and rabbits still need the exact same macronutrient building blocks that we as humans (as well as our pet dogs) need for daily metabolic function: Proteins, Carbohydrates, & Fats. It's this valuable fermentation process that converts low-nutritional value plants to digestible proteins/carbs/fats and the bacteria doing the fermenting need "food" everyday to maintain proper health and function. Hence rabbits and tortoises eating CONSTANTLY. FYI for this same reason, many antibiotics that are ok for carnivores and omnivores are in fact fatal for hind-gut fermenters because they can kill off the "good" bacteria in their guts (ie penicillins, cephalosporins, most macrolides). Isn't gastrointestinal physiology just fascinating!? Another FYI, "turtles" ARE NOT hind gut fermenters because they're omnivores or carnivores so "turtle" is NOT synonymous with "tortoise." Last FYI, horses and guinea pigs are also hind-gut fermenters! #nerd #GI #health #digestion #vet #veterinary #tortoiseandthehare #exotics #didwelearnsomethingtoday #dontjudgemynerdlevel #itsbadsometimes #🤓 @conejovet

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Do most of the patient's parents you see know you are Instagram famous?

I’m not sure if most of my pet patient's owners are aware of my social media following.  Many are and seem to appreciate my educational and puppy posts, while many may not know or choose not to mention it. I truly don’t mind either way, and when I’m at the hospital my focus is to be their vet. 

How did you come up with “Boner Friday”? 

Haha, oh goodness...Well I’ve had a bit of an obsession for skulls and bones for as long as I can remember. I also only tend to take myself seriously when it’s situationally appropriate; otherwise I like to have fun and laugh. I have a tendency to push the line a little too much sometimes, so when I came up with “Boner Friday,” it seemed perfect for my profile.

Tell us about your recent trips, especially to Rwanda and Liberia!

I literally just got home from London today and travel often! Africa was AMAZING (as always), and getting to hike with wild mountain gorillas was def the highlight! Seeing them up close and personal has been on my bucket list for decades and that was truly one of the absolute top wildlife experiences of my life. 

What is your dream collaboration?

I would love to have/host my own show! I see it as a mix of Crocodile Hunter meets Wildlife Vet. This way I can educate and spread awareness on broad conservation topics, like the late Steve Irwin did so well. Then, as a vet, I can help individual animals and share their personal stories. 

What are 3 things your Instagram fans don’t know about you?

1 - I’m a total mama’s boy. 

2 - I travel often, but I’m a bit of a homebody actually. 

3 - I’m straight. I have tons of gay friends and nothing against any sexual orientation, but many people actually assume I’m not straight. 

Unleashed: Have you ever been asked out by a pet parent while examining a patient?

EA: I have been asked out by pet parents during my examination of their pets, but not often. It’s more commonly coming from a mother or sister or friend, lol.

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