Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Core Paws — They're Looking For Forever Homes

Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Core Paws — They're Looking For Forever Homes

Have no fear … underdogs are here!

By Stacy Lenz

Everybody loves an underdog.  We certainly do. It’s why on every franchise of the Real Housewives we always root for whoever has gotten white wine thrown on her most recently. It’s why we keep buying Skinny Girl products, even though we prefer straight tequila — we want former underdog Bethenny Frankel to continue to succeed so badly. Our love of underdogs is why we hope, in vain, season after season, that maybe, just maybe, Brandi Glanville may get welcomed back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Underdog status isn’t just for our beloved Housewives, sometimes underdogs are literal dogs, and there is no bigger advocate for literal underdogs than Core Paws.

Core Paws is a group focused on helping hard-to-place animals find forever homes. They advocate for underdogs by focusing on matching senior animals and animals with medical and behavioral issues with the perfect adoptive family. Rather than an outright shelter, they are a group that showcases animals from rescues and shelters across the country hoping to bring them closer to finding their people by placing them in a national spotlight. We want to amplify what they do so we are shining our best spotlight on them so now without further ado… meet your Real Shelter Dogs!

“Like a diamond, I was rescued from the rough.” - Jojo

I have so much love to give but had a really rough start to life and was rescued from horrible conditions when I was younger. I am in a great foster home but would love a safe, patient family of my own. Understandingly, it takes awhile for me to trust someone new. But once I do, I am very loyal! I've been waiting for three years ... help me find a forever family of my own, I know they are out there somewhere! –Jojo (male, four years old)

Natchitoches Humane Society, Natchitoches LA 

Contact: 318-471-0546 (Juanita, Shelter Director)

“Some people may say I sleep a lot, but that’s because I have big dreams.” – Grampa

I'm a hip, adorable senior who also happens to be deaf. My bones are arthritic and the docs said I have some stomach issues. I spend most of my day snoring away but I do looooove my walks. My foster family thinks it is cute how I gallop to the door when I’m ready, even if they are not. I adore humans, and would love it if my humans worked from home or were retired! I get along great with cats and dogs, but stairs are not my friend. I'm a real winner! – Grampa (male, 10+ years old)

Wagging Dog Rescue, Carlsbad CA 

Contact: // 310-853-0757

“Throw me to the woods, and I shall return leading the pack.” - Ghost

I have quite the story! I lived completely feral in the woods from the time I was a puppy. The nice people at PAWS Humane spent four hours catching me one day and I was so scared that my heart literally stopped! They performed CPR, resuscitated me and then my healing journey began. I was terrified of humans and anything human related. With a lot of TLC and love, I've started to come out of my shell. I'm doing great in a wonderful foster home and love other dogs. I may never be a snuggler, but I will show you love the best that I know how! I have a whole team of people rooting for me across the nation.  – Ghost (male, 1.5 years old)

PAWS Humane, Columbus GA

Contact: // 706-565-0035

“Eyes are the windows to the soul, stare into mine and find a soul mate.” - Phoebe

I recently had spinal surgery so that I could walk again. Now, I’m zipping around on my legs about 50% of the time. It’s awesome! The Doctor said I should keep progressing for an entire year – Yippee! I love playing with other dogs and I also LOVE food. My heart is yours if you give me food and a good ear rubbing. I am at my best when getting out and meeting new people. Greetings are made easy because I give the best kisses and I promise to provide LOTS of laughs! How about we meet soon and snuggle? – Phoebe (female, 1.5 years)

Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, Pacific Grove CA

Contact: // 831-718-9122

“Don’t tell me you’re my friend, snuggle me like one.” - Primrose

I had a rough start in life, but I’m not letting that dampen my hopes for a forever home with a kind and loving family! I was dragged behind my owner’s truck and had extensive injuries. I’m a pitbull (possibly a Bullmastiff mix), but I was taken in by the nice folks at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue. While I’m still initially fearful around new people, I warm up once I realize they will not hurt me. I like to sit close to them and snuggle! I love playing with my new toys and going for walks. Could you open your heart and home to me? – Primrose (female, four years old)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Hollister CA

Contact: // 925-899-4612

“Some people say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I say they’re wrong.” - Tyson

I am a senior sweetheart who gets along with humans and other dogs. I had several mast cell tumors covering my body. So far my prognosis is good; the veterinary team here at HTSC has removed all of them thus far! I am told I'm a great boy, and love my walks and have excellent leash manners. I also love to nap and I'm food motivated. With the right treat, I bet you could teach this old dog some new tricks. - Tyson (male, 12 years old)

Humane Society of Treasure Coast, Palm City FL

Contact: // 772-223-8822

If you’d like to adopt one of these fine doggos please see the contact info in each post or to find out more about this lovely organization please visit and see what other adorable underdogs may be a good addition to your family.

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