Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Lab Rescue LRCP — They All Need Homes!

Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Lab Rescue LRCP — They All Need Homes!

 To paraphrase Robyn Dixon: This is not an ambush (of cute dogs), this is a message (to adopt one). 

By Stacy Lenz

Like an event with no napkins, what is a home without a dog? This is the question we keep coming back to. Luckily, the Potomac area has provided an answer. Just like how The Real Housewives of Potomac has shown us that you cannot invite people to eat BBQ without any napkins and not expect to get dragged, Lab Rescue of the LRCP (Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac) is showing us that every home needs a canine companion, specifically in the form of a lovable Lab! 

Lab Rescue of the LRCP is a volunteer driven, non-profit organization that rescues, fosters and places homeless, abused, and/or abandoned Labrador Retrievers. Additionally in their Lab advocacy, they provide a referral service for owners seeking to place their Labs in new homes. Labs are the most popular dog breed in the US; sadly that also means there are a lot of many families that cannot keep or care for their Labs and they are surrendered or abandoned — luckily, Lab Rescue is here to do something about it. Though the rescue is technically based out of Annandale, Virginia, the rescue actually covers seven states throughout the Potomac area and saves about 1,000 Labs each year! 

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening credits-worthy taglines! 

“This pair makes a full house.” - Pebbles & Bentley

Pebbles and Bentley are a sweet bonded pair of a 6-year-old goofy male chocolate lab and his older, wiser, 10-year-old beagle terrier mix sister. She has a slight heart murmur that she's probably had all her life. It doesn't affect her and she doesn't need any meds to treat it. They may be an odd couple, but they're perfect for a family that wants both big and little dogs, and are a great mix of ages too. They cuddle up together to sleep, area approved for kids aged eight and up and are best suited to a home without cats. 

“I love the toys, I love the fresh cut grass, I love it all." - Gracie

Gracie is an 8-month-old girl from a litter of five pups that weren't socialized well as puppies. She's cautious around new people, but absolutely loves other dogs. She's been a great foster sister, enjoying the company of both older dogs and young pups. She is house and crate trained, and absolutely loves toys. Toys bring out her silly side, and so does fresh cut grass! She loves to roll around in it and play chase with the resident dogs. She's looking for a home with another dog (or lots of them) and a fence and humans who are willing to be patient while this sweet, shy girl gets comfortable and blossoms with them. 

I don't try to be cute. I just am." - Shirley

Shirley is a 12-week-old female Lab mix that loves to play with the big dogs and loves the kiddie pool. She’s great in the crate and zonks into sweet puppy slumber after some fun playtime. 

“I give lots of kisses and I always make it nice.” - Buddy

Buddy is gorgeous 2-year-old energetic boy. He loves to run, retrieve and swim with his family. Buddy knows how to sit, lay and shake. Buddy is a very affectionate lover boy. He will cuddle with you and then will cover you with kisses! 

“I’m about to give you life, so give me a belly rub!” - Cody

Cody is determined to learn to life the good life after not being treated well in life prior to Lab Rescue! Cody is a sweet 6-year-old chocolate girl and prefers to approach new situations with a canine friend or two. She enjoys quiet nights at home over nights on the town. Cody is easy going in the house and will give soft kisses to her family. This princess deserves her happy ending! 

“Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend; rope toys are!” - Betty

Betty is a 6-year-old Lab mix who enjoys walks and running around the yard with her canine friends. When she's not playing outside, she naps next to the other dogs on their dog bed. She has discovered toys and likes to play tug-o-war. She is sweet with everyone she meets, knows the sit and down commands and lies quietly under the table when the family is eating dinner. She sleeps through the night and has a healthy appetite. Betty is a gem. Betty had a tumor removed, which may re-occur so she needs a family who will embrace every day with her. 

To learn more about this organization or give any of these sweet puppers a forever home, please visit

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