John O'Hurley Wants You to Keep Your Pet's Water Moving

John O'Hurley Wants You to Keep Your Pet's Water Moving

...and he has just the product suggestion to make this happen!

By Morgan Ashley Parker

When we caught up with John O'Hurley before the 2017 National Dog Show last week, we also chatted about products he loves as a pet owner and dog lover. Did you know he has a show every other month called the Pet Shoppe with John O'Hurley? He told Unleashed, "I've tried all of this stuff myself so it's all hand-sampled and I bring the best products to people to make their lives with their pets healthier and happier."

So, seeing that it's almost the holidays, we put him on the spot and asked for a couple of his must-have items.

No-Pull Leashes

First up, if you have a dog who thinks he is walking you, you NEED a no-pull leash. As the name implies, this leash wraps around the dog and puts a little pressure on the pup if he starts to pull. O'Hurley explains, they "take the pressure off the trachea of the dog and also take the pressure off the dog walker's rotator cuff. You have a big dog, either the trachea or the rotator cuff, one of them is going to give. It gives a little pressure around the dog's rib cage and it gives that feeling of what a hug is to a dog. All you have to do is just turn your wrist and that pressure that feel, they'll stop instantly. So I think it's a great ideaa and they're very inexpensive." 

Pet Water Fountains

Then, whether you have a cat or a dog, O'Hurley also recommends getting your pet his own fountain. (No, you don't need a mansion for this.) A pet fountain is a water dish that automatically circulates the drinking water. He says, "Dogs instinctively will move towards a running brook to drink water. Stagnant water they will drink, but they will drink much more water if you have that water moving and purified. It instinctively tells them they should be over there to drink and they will drink more of it. You want to hydrate your dog as much as you can because dogs develop kidney problems and all of these other problems [that] accentuate with dehydration. Keep your water moving." These dishes come in all prices and styles, including basic stainless steel, high tech and power saving, and one that even looks like a mini toilet.

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