This Man’s Epic Road Trip with His Two Rescue Dogs Will Both Warm Your Heart and Make You Green with Jealousy

This Man’s Epic Road Trip with His Two Rescue Dogs Will Both Warm Your Heart and Make You Green with Jealousy

And they call themselves the Adventure Squad!

By Stacy Lenz

When we heard about a man that rescued two stray dogs and took them on road trips, we instantly thought this is a canine Thelma and Louise! (Thelma and Louise being an amazing movie that we are definitely super familiar with and have not only seen once ten years ago as an edited-for-TV version while we napped on the couch.) 

From what we remember this story is exactly the same except replace Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon with cute dogs — because road trips and friendship is what it’s about, right? And maybe some cool desert landscapes? (We don’t know; we slept through the ending.)

The dogs in this story aren’t named Thelma and Louise (missed opportunity, if you ask us), but instead Zeus and Sedona, and they came into the life of their owner/chauffeur Jordan Kahana’s life in an unusual way. While cruising on a road trip from California to Colorado, Jordan spotted two animals in the middle of the road, smack in the middle of nowhere. He pulled his car over and approached the animals and realized they were two very precious puppies stranded alone in the desert, most likely dumped there by their previous owners. He scooped up the very dehydrated pups and took them to the nearest vet for care, all the while cooing at how adorable they were. 

After getting water and shots, Jordan realized he had to get back on the road, but also that he couldn’t abandon his new friends. Since then the trio has been inseparable, finishing out Jordan’s planned road trip together and embarking on multiple new ones. They’ve since gone on a 30,000-mile journey through 35 states, with stops in Times Square, 12 national parks and the Hollywood sign in California. Jordan has even said that now the border collie mixes are a little older and have their own dog bed in his Jeep, things have even stopped smelling like dog pee! Amazing travel buddies, beautiful scenery, the thrill of the open road AND your Jeep no longer smells like urine — what more could you want?!

Well, we want pictures! And luckily, Jordan has provided by means of a social media presence! The crew has taken from on the road to on the Internet so we can follow all of their antics on Twitter under the perfect moniker of Adventure Squad. It lets us live vicariously through them, but without all the gas station burritos!

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