The Rumors Are True: Justin Theroux Steps Out with His New Love

The Rumors Are True: Justin Theroux Steps Out with His New Love

This Hurricane Harvey rescue dog has us saying Emma Stone who?

By Stacy Lenz

Justin Theroux is no stranger to the tabloids lately. Since his split with ex Jennifer Aniston back in February we have paid more attention to The Leftovers star than normal, namely by means of eyeballing all the glossy mags in the grocery store check-out line. While waiting with our frozen pizza and baby carrots, we wondered what divine creature could follow up our girl Jen. Well, we finally have your answer and no, we're not talking about Emma Stone — Justin's newest lady love is his recently adopted rescue dog!

The writer/producer/actor can now add /dog owner to that list once more! To quote Justin's recent lengthy Instagram post, "MEET KUMA."

The gorgeous pit bull was adopted from Texas' A Chance To Bloom dog rescue under a cloak of secrecy. The rescue basically said to Justin, "I see your lengthy Instagram post and I raise you about 500 characters," metaphorically speaking. In their hyper-lengthy post, which we love, don't get us wrong, the more dog info the better, ACTB details the confidential email they recieved back in March about a "high profile adopter,"  looking to adopt a dog in need of a forever home.

Confession time! We’ve been keeping a BIG secret from everyone. Back in March, we received an unusual adoption inquiry from a high profile adopter. The entire process was very secretive, and for weeks, we had no idea who the potential adopter might be, despite phone and e-mail communications. We were so excited to learn that not only was this potential adopter a huge bully breed advocate, but also an amazing film actor! We are so excited to announce that Sylvia, now named Kuma has been adopted @justintheroux Justin Theroux! Kuma’s story: Shortly after Hurricane Harvey, we saved a young blue pit bull from @mcaspets . She was exactly the type of dog we strive to rescue, and she desperately needed our help. The odds were stacked against Kuma as a shy, mangy pit bull with medical issues, but something about her pulled at our heartstrings. We saved Kuma from euthanasia without hesitation and took her into our rescue to bloom. The entire team at ACTB has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make things happen! Kuma is an ambassador of the breed, with a very calm temperament and breezed though her basic obedience training. We knew that she’d be a perfect fit for Justin, when he came all the way to Texas for a meet and greet! It’s been incredibly tough to keep this secret from all of our friends! We teamed up with @pilotsnpaws to arrange transport for Kuma from Conroe, Texas all the way to her new home in New York City earlier this week! Today, we celebrate as we finalize Kuma’s adoption! It’s been a journey! We are so grateful for this amazing opportunity to advocate for the breed that we are so passionate about! Happy tails to Kuma and Justin! Welcome to the ACTB family! #DontBullyMyBreed #ACTB #pitbull #pittiesofig #pitbullsofinstagram #rescuedog #rescuenation

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Kuma was rescued by the shelter after Hurricane Harvey, when she was but a mangy and sickly pup named Sylvia. ACTB took her in and in Justin's words, they "took Kuma from death and loved her back to life." In their care, Kuma grew healthy and they knew that her calm temperament and obedience class A+ would make her a perfect fit for the secretive prospective dog owner that we now know as Justin. Justin flew from New York to Texas to meet this new potential pup and it was love at first sniff. The remarkable journey for these two doesn't end there, once the adoption was finalized Kuma (nee Sylvia) was flown to her new forever home in New York, transportation courtesy of Pilots N Paws, which is exactly what it sounds like and equally as precious.

Justin definitely has a type, and we don't mean women who start nationwide hairstyle trends (jury's out if throngs of people are bringing Emma Stone's picture into the salon but we digress). Kuma, a blue gray pit bull with white markings on his chest, looks a lot like the mystery dog Justin was spotted walking in New York in February, who also happened to look like the a dog named Erin he was trying to find a home for last September. While we are kiiiiiinda temped to go in on a dog doppleganger conspiracy, the answer is a lot more simple — Justin has long been a lover of pitties and also an advocate of bully breeds,frequently donatating money, time and touting their cause on public platforms.

Back to Justin's original Instagram post that launched a thousand click-thrus, Justin gushes about all the animal advocates that work tirelessly not only to save Kuma but hundreds of other animals. In his post, he credits Austin Pets Alive for pushing him to adopt, encourages people to #adoptdontshop and encourages fans to make a donation to ACTB in Kuma's name. He also shows every step along the way by means of an Instagram story, where you see sickly Kuma all the way to the strong and healthy pooch in Justin's arms.

These two Insta posts really said it all, in fact there's nothing left for us to say except mazel, Justin and Kuma! 

Credit: Justin Theroux/Instagram

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