Katherine Heigl Takes Time Off to Save Her Dog Grace

Katherine Heigl Takes Time Off to Save Her Dog Grace

The dog has a brain tumor, and is recovering from surgery.   

By Brienne Walsh

Along with being a mother to three children, Katherine Heigl has eight dogs, all of whom she raises alongside cats, goats, pigs, donkeys and chickens on her ranch in Utah. Recently, one of her dogs, Grace Lou, was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. Rather than give up on her, Heigl chose to pay for surgery, and has devoted herself to taking care of Grace as she recovers. Even though this means that Heigl no longer has time to blog.

Heigl tearfully relayed all of this in a video posted last Friday on Heavenly Days, her personal blog. Grace, Heigl said, first started holding her neck strangely about a year ago. Eventually, she was diagnosed with a large tumor that was pushing her brain out of her skull. When Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelley, received the diagnosis, they rushed Grace to a teaching college at Colorado State University to have emergency surgery. The vets there were able to remove 50% of the tumor. Seriously, the photographs of Grace post-surgery are some of the saddest photographs we’ve seen in a while. Her poor little skull! The stitches are awful. She’s lucky to have someone who loves her so much — especially someone so pretty with a nice voice who is devoted to taking care of her. Gracie is now recovering at home, but the progress is slow. The surgery and subsequent radiation have caused behavioral problems including a refusal to drink water, and non-stop pacing. Heigl is hopeful that Grace will recover, but nothing is for certain. For now, she asks for prayers as she devotes the holiday season to saving her puppy. And we should give them to her. If you don’t believe, then send her some good vibes or something.

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