You Will Cry Forever at the Tragic Story of This Pregnant and Alone Dog … Until You Get to the Ending and Then You Will Cry Slightly Less

You Will Cry Forever at the Tragic Story of This Pregnant and Alone Dog … Until You Get to the Ending and Then You Will Cry Slightly Less

There. Are. Not. Enough. Tissues.

By Stacy Lenz

Really guys, this is gonna be some rough stuff, but fear not, there is a rainbow forming after all of these incredibly upsetting storm clouds. And now into the darkest part of the storm … Kiah is a sweet dog that has had a terribly tragic life. Found wandering pregnant and alone, she was taken in by the Cherokee County Humane Society. Her rescuers examined her and found that her situation was pretty grim. She had dental problems, mastitis, was overbred and pregnant but sadly the puppies were no long viable. They even found signs that she had been shot with a shotgun. And if that weren’t bad enough she also had heartworms.

Oh, did you just use up one box of tissues? Well, I hope you stocked up at Costco because there’s more. Brace yourself. Kiah had an emergency c-section to remove the puppies from her belly, saving her life, but causing a deep depression in the mama dog. Mourning her lost puppies, she grew despondent. Because of problems from overbreeding she wasn’t even able to care for other orphaned puppies to feel better. The staff caring for Kiah were at their wits’ end in what to do since she refused to eat or drink water. Her foster mom finally tried giving her several stuffed animal puppies to care for as her own. She soon gathered them to her and contentedly began cuddling with them. One of the toys plays a lullaby. Heartbreakingly, Kiah will only eat if the toy’s lullaby is playing.

But before the sea of tears that is flooding out of your eyes ruins the electronic device you are reading this on — there’s good news! Cherokee County Humane Society has reached out to the dog-loving people of the world to help Kiah, whose name appropriately means new beginning, and set up a GoFundMe to fund her care. They have already exceeded their goal of $3,000 to pay her medical bills and the extra money pledged will be used to care for the shelter’s other animals. In addition to the financial help, people are already interested in welcoming the sweet lab-mix into their homes. Kiah will not be available for adoption until she has fully recovered, but we are sure we’ll get snapped up by her forever family super quick once she’s well again. As you rock yourself back and forth slowly to try to recover from this emotional roller coaster, also soothe yourself with this video of a happy Kiah wagging her tail like a champ, on her way to a full recovery and happy life.

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