Listen to Sia: Puppies Are Forever, Not Just for Christmas

Listen to Sia: Puppies Are Forever, Not Just for Christmas

Learn the words to this catchy song and take 'em to heart!

By Tamara Palmer

Singer and hit songwriter Sia Furler is a passionate animal activist who has pledged to help end animal homelessness through a collaboration with the ASPCA. But she also cautions that pets shouldn't be given as impulsive, spur-of-the-moment holiday gifts, because that often has dire consequences for an animal.

“If they get them when they are babies, they usually keep them for several months until they start getting big,” Beth Trousdale of Washington Animal Control told Washington Times Herald of puppies and kittens given as holiday presents. “They are cute when they are tiny and little but then they get big and that is probably more around the time when people decide they won’t want them.”

There are several reasons that pets are a bad holiday purchase, including the possibility that the gift recipient may not be as excited for that responsibility long-term, like the hours (and years!) of time committment and the dollar amount.

Sia hammers the point home in her new song "Puppies are Forever," from her new album Everyday Is Christmas:

Forever homes are more than welcome, of course, but hopefully the song will make people think twice before bringing a pet into a situation that might be temporary. 

Credit: ASPCA

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