#WhatMakesYouCountry Is Right: Luke Bryan Gifts Wife Two Baby Kangaroos

#WhatMakesYouCountry Is Right: Luke Bryan Gifts Wife Two Baby Kangaroos

Um, should kangaroos be living in Nashville?

By Brienne Walsh

Luke Bryan definitely didn’t see anything troubling about stuffing two baby kangaroos in a bag, and presenting them as “designer purses” to his wife, Caroline, on Christmas morning. First of all, where is their mother? And secondly, kangaroos are wild animals whose natural habitat are the grasslands of Australia — they should not be hanging out in a house in Tennessee, no matter how many times that house has appeared in interior design magazines!

Brett’s barn additions. #brettsbarn

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We will give Bryan the benefit of the doubt. He apparently gave the two baby kangaroos, whose names are Margo and Todd, to his wife so that she could house them in Brett’s Barn, a stable she keeps on their property for very sick children. The barn is named after Caroline’s niece, who died earlier this year at seven months old. The barn also houses llamas and ponies. Children with illnesses are invited to come play with the animals in order to be cheered up.

Llamas and ponies are one thing, however. Kangaroos are another. Kangaroos need thousands of acres of land to truly exercise properly. They can jump 25 feet in length, and six feet in the air. They can grow to be six feet tall, and 200 pounds. According to Kangaroo Protection Coalition, kangaroos held in captivity often suffer from early deaths, both because being confined doesn’t suit their natures, and because typical American veterinarians aren’t trained to take care of them.

As adorable as Margo and Todd are posing in front of the Bryan’s fire, we really hope the couple comes to their senses, and releases them to a more natural habitat, even if marsupials are technically not banned in Tennessee. Sick kids love golden retrievers too! And bunny rabbits!  There’s no need to try to domesticate a wild animal that will only suffer from the effort.

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