Picky Eater Dog Hack: Make Your Own Dog Food “Seasoning”

Picky Eater Dog Hack: Make Your Own Dog Food “Seasoning”

I spent the morning smashing dog treats with a hammer. How’s your 2018 so far?

By Stacy Lenz

Do you ever wonder how exactly a creature that you have seen eat the most vile things imaginable (poop, puke, a dead mouse that one time) could have the audacity to turn up his furry little nose at a perfectly fine bowl of dog kibble? Well, thanks to my dog, Jinx, and his refined palate, I have spent far too long pondering just that.

After he had a taste of the good life, in the form of fancy refrigerated dog food with real chunks of chicken in it, ole Jinxy refused to go back to his regular room temperate kibble. He staged a proper pupper protest, walking right past his dog bowl and giving me a look that said “REALLY?”

Since dogs do not understand when you try to kindly explain to them that you’re not made of money and therefore cannot afford a fancy two-bowls-of-chicken-a-day habit, nor do they understand that you just opened a full bag of kind-of-expensive-but-not-as-expensive-as-chicken-dog-food dog food that you don’t go to waste, what’s a gal to do? Well, the answer, thanks to Lifehacker is make seasoning for dog food. Ok, sure. Let’s do this.

Making dog food seasoning is apparently fairly easy. Originally thought up by Reddit user ucffool to get a picky cat to eat, all you have to do is crush up their favorite treats, put them into an old seasoning bottle and sprinkle on your pet’s food and voila seasoning to entice your pet to it. To see if this would work, I did what I do every time I start cooking … I grabbed a hammer? I placed several of my dog’s most flavorful seeming treats, beef and cheese flavor T-Bonz, into a plastic bag and began to smash away with my hammer. It was pretty ineffective.  I did manage to rip a hole in the plastic bag with the hammer, switch to a plastic container, break the treats into slightly smaller pieces, with some treat dust and the smell of which whipped Jinx into a frenzy.

In theory, I think this would work best if you had a pill crusher or rolling pin you didn’t mind tainting with dog treat dust, but since I had neither, and using a pint glass as a makeshift rolling pin did not work, I had minimal seasoning size flakes to work with. I took what little treat dust I could make, definitely not enough to fill a seasoning shaker, and sprinkled it on Jinx’s kibble like a dog whispering Salt Bae. But it worked! Jinx scarfed the seasoned food down, especially after all the preparation hype.

Step 2: Have your dog loose his mind

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Was it effective? Yes. Would I do it again? No. Everything, especially me, is coated in a fine beef and cheese dust making me smell like off brand Bac’n Bits, which gives me an idea. I’m pretty sure if I found myself in a dog hunger strike situation again (and I will, thanks Jinx) it’d be easier to sprinkle a few actual Bac’n Bits onto Jinx’s unwanted kibble and save myself the trouble.

Step 3: season and enjoy!

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