MAP: Do You Live in a Dog State or a Cat State?

MAP: Do You Live in a Dog State or a Cat State?

Yea, you probably live in a cat state.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Is it just us, or does the rivalry between dog people and cat people never seem to end? The Pup Party considers itself friendlier, more outgoing, and more fun. The Cat Contingency claims it has more independence, creativity, and smarts. Both have their pros and their cons, so really, there’s only one way to declare a victor: Look at the cold, hard numbers.

A recent study from Petcentric by Purina broke out which states tend to have more dogs vs. than cats. It’s not entirely surprising that states with more major cities have higher cat stats (due to their apartment-friendly nature), and those with more outdoor space welcome more dogs (so they can run free, free, free!). Still, we were surprised that cats had such a stronghold across America when it seems like such a Dog People type of country.

See our map below: Do you live in a dog state, or a cat state? And more importantly, do you have to pack up and move immediately?


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