Wait — Mariah Carey's Son Ordered a Dog on the Internet!?

Wait — Mariah Carey's Son Ordered a Dog on the Internet!?

Man's best friend is, apparently, just a click away. 

By Jenny Berg

We're used to ordering things online — but those things tend to be sushi, pizza, or anything that's on sale at Nordstrom. Mariah Carey's son, as it turns out, also uses the Internet to shop. But, the singer's son isn't ordering Seamless deliveries ... He's ordering dogs. 

When appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 6, Carey opened up about her seven-year-old's click-happy ways. "My son is like a technological genius. By the way, he ordered a dog the other day," she said. Yep, that's right. 

"The other night, apparently he was with [his father] Nick [Cannon] and he ordered a dog. And they called [Nick] and they were like, ‘Your dog is ready.’ And he was like, ‘I didn’t order a damn dog.’ We have enough dogs, that’s the point."

So, did the pooch show up at the superstar's doorstep in a giant bow? Not as such. “The dog’s been canceled,” Carey quipped. 

Oh well, we have to give Moroccan an A for effort. And in the meantime, Carey let Kimmel know that her kids have plenty of four-legged friends to keep them company. "They have dogs, they have pets, they have fish! They have everything they need," she said. 

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