Ever Wonder About the Story Behind the Photo of Martha Stewart Biting Her Cat’s Face? We Did.

Ever Wonder About the Story Behind the Photo of Martha Stewart Biting Her Cat’s Face? We Did.

We have no comment on if she coughs up hairballs after.

By Stacy Lenz

We recently discovered a strange and fascinating phenomenon thanks to our social media streams: A photo of Martha Stewart nibbling a cat's face. 

Not only does the photo depict Martha mouthing an adorably fluffy kitten, the caption states that she gently bites all her new pets on the face to let them know that she is their new mother.

There is a lot to unpack here. 

First, is this real? Second, should we all be biting our cats on their faces? Third, how come we never heard of this practice, despite being the weird only child that sat alone in her room reading cat books instead of say, playing Cabbage Patch Kids with friends? 

We are no stranger to the glamour and surprisingly historically accurate world of Martha Stewart’s pets, so we were immediately curious about this kitten-nibbling quirk. After initially thinking it was a confusing Photoshop concoction, we discovered the photo was real! The Queen of Crafting’s peculiar habit was revealed in a blog post from 2012 introducing Martha’s two new kittens, Ch'in, after Emperor Ch'in, who ruled China in 221 BC and Kublai Khan, a grandson of Genghis Khan, who became the Mongolian emperor in 1260. (When we said historically accurate, we were not kidding.) 

We started to worry, when after a deep dive into the bowel of the Internet, we were unable to find any evidence anywhere that recommends you, a human person, bite your kitten’s face. Luckily (For us? For Martha?

For the well being of the crafting community as a whole?), we finally found an article that explains that mother cats often lick and nibble at their young when grooming as a way to show affection. One can understand how a leap could be made into human-cat face biting. Maybe. We are giving Martha the benefit of the doubt. It does leave us with the lingering question— does she cough up furballs after this gesture of new parentage? Even though science (or at least a Google-able Internet article) doesn’t necessarily back up Martha’s practices, all of her pets are happy and healthy so maybe she is on to something.  

How lucky we are to be alive right now! First, we find out that Oprah is a regular Cesar Millan when it comes to dog training and now this!? What’s next, we find out that Bill Gates sleeps in a human-sized rabbit hutch with his prized colony of bunnies or Meryl Streep gets into a giant plastic bubble to careen around with her pet guinea pigs? We can assure you if any of those insane speculations are true we will be the first to inform you. Until then, please peruse these photos of Martha and her pets in non-mouth-to-pet settings. 

Under the maple arch of Jordan pond @acadianps

A post shared by Martha Stewart (@marthastewart48) on

Credit: themarthablog.com

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