Come on, People! Stop Letting Max the Cat into the Library!

Come on, People! Stop Letting Max the Cat into the Library!

No cats allowed!

By Stacy Lenz

Unless you live under a rock that doesn't get Wi-fi, you're probably aware of Max the library cat. In the very unlikely, but still possible, event that you were under said rock, but have emerged and gotten Wi-fi in order to read this article, well, let us tell you. Max the library cat is the star of the viral photo took over Twitter last week. It showed a sign taped to the door of the library at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, which read, "Please do not let in the cat. His name is Max. Max is nice. His owner does not want Max in the Library. We do not want Max in the Library. Max wants to be in the Library. Please do not let Max into the Library."

If you think that reads like a children's book, you are correct. Library staffer Christopher Schommer intentionally fashioned the sign to read like a children's book after he was inspired by what he has been reading his toddler daughter. Twitter fell in love with the story-like cadence and people around the internet began making Max fan art and cat-based reading puns (Catlas Shrugged). Because people just could not get enough of this sneaky cat, Christopher even started writing a children’s book based on the library cat phenomena. 

What’s most surprising about all of this hubbub is that we’ve all somehow fallen in love with this precious cat sight unseen! How have we not seen this cat yet? This is the Internet after all — of course we have cat photos for you! With all this newfound popularity, Max has skyrocketed to Instagram fame and we can now see that he is just as adorable as his antics.

Won't you let me in? On campus somewhere before he was grounded

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Oops Max was caught on camera as he sneaked into the library about a month ago

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Enjoying his outdoor freedom before he was grounded photo from @total_bullchic thanks! #igingercat #cats #adventurecat #catsofinstagram #ilovemycat

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So how exactly did adorable Max become a world-renowned library cat? He started his journey towards stardom as a stray that was eventually taken into a shelter and then adopted by Connie Lipton. As Connie told the Washington Post, Max got a taste for roaming around the neighborhood as a stray and he simply insisted to continue to roam once he was adopted. Max’s roaming and rambling lead him all over their neighboring college campus. He watched Frisbee games, saw live bands and even tried to learn Portuguese (well, he at least stopped by a class.) Max started his forays into the library by stalking the library door and as soon as students pushed it open he would excitedly dart past into the stacks. As adorable as it sounds, the library staff did not love it, especially one employee who is severely allergic to cats.

Unfortunately for Max, but fortunately for the library, Max’s wandering days are over now due to a large nearby construction project. His owner decided to ground him and make him an indoor cat for his own safety and Max is not taking it well.

Max, missing his friends and that wonderful library book smell, has been devastated that he hasn’t been able to keep up his social lifestyle and yowls and paces around his home, itchin’ to get back to that outdoorsy lifestyle. Connie has purchased him a harness and is hoping to take him on walks so he won’t feel so cooped up.  (Although from the looks of it, he doesn’t look too pleased, but at least he’s cute!)

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