Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of Connecticut … and Then Go Adopt One!

Meet The Real Shelter Dogs of Connecticut … and Then Go Adopt One!


By Stacy Lenz

We recently found out about the secret world of dog rescue where unwanted Southern dogs are saved from doggie death row and whisked away to safety (and forever homes) in the Northern states. Due to effective neuter/spay and leash laws, Northern states are filled with caring people looking for a dog to bring into their homes and hug (we assume, how are you going to adopt a dog and not give ‘em all the hugs?!) and not enough doggos to complete everyone’s dog-hugging aspirations. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is an overPUPulation in Southern states due to the lack of the previously mentioned effective laws, creating a supply and demand situation where intrepid rescuers save vulnerable dogs in the South and shuttle them to Northern States to begin new lives. One such shelter is Double Dog Rescue.

Double Dog Rescue, located in Unionville, Connecticut, is a non-profit rescue whose goal is to save unwanted dogs and place them into loving forever homes. Started as an effort to help with the overpopulation of dogs in the South, the rescue now has a team of over 100 people facilitating dogs from precarious shelter situations into the arms of their future families, where we assume much dog hugging will take place.

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening-credits worthy taglines!

Dogs aren't allowed on yachts, but my ship's comin' in.” - Cloudy

Cloudy is such a wonderful dog to have around and once you build trust, that bond is amazing and he becomes the most loving, loyal dog. He’s very eager to learn and just wants to please and be around his favorite people!

“I'm not a trophy pup, I'm a lifetime achievement award.” - Glen

There’s nothing about two-year-old Glen you won’t love! This smart boy plays very well with other dogs and loves being around kids!

“Fashions change, but being a good dog never goes out of style.” - Hazel

Hazel is a very affectionate four-year-old girl who would make a wonderful addition to a quiet home! She has excellent manners and is very smart!

“I’m the pup next door…if your neighbor adopts me.” - TJ

TJ is a playful Lab & Bassett Hound mix who enjoys the company of other dogs! He has a super sweet personality and loves showing affection to everyone!

“I’m about to give you life, so give me a belly rub!” - Killian

Not only will Killian be your new hiking partner, he will also be your new snuggling buddy! He uses his puppy dog eyes to ask for belly rubs, especially after a long day of fetch in the backyard!

“Life isn't all walks and tennis balls, but it should be!” - Mary

One-year-old Mary is a sweet and loving girl who enjoys being active and playing with other dogs! She has wonderful manners and is a quick learner!

For more information please visit If you’d like to adopt one of these sweet doggos, please contact for more information or to submit an application.

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