Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Ohio… They’re Cute and Available for Adoption! (UPDATED)

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Ohio… They’re Cute and Available for Adoption! (UPDATED)

Take home one of these picture-perfect pups!

By Stacy Lenz

UPDATE (Feb. 24, 2018, 4:21pm) Great news, Janet has been adopted! The other pups below — and more — are still looking for their forever homes.

In the arc of every Real Housewife’s journey, there comes a time where she will do certain activities — be it leisurely comb through a walk-in closet to pack for a vacation, nurse a drink in an empty restaurant while waiting for a late friend, or, our very favorite, pose for a magazine cover. While some of their cover-girl moments impress and inspire us, others leave us a bit puzzled. Is there a cottage industry of magazines just for rich ladies, which is why we’ve never heard of them? (Because we, simple pet bloggers, do not count as rich ladies.)

But to the media moguls who may or may not be creating magazines simply to showcase our favorite gals, we have a suggestion, can you start a magazine to feature some of our favorite dogs? Maybe Cute Dog Monthly? We would definitely subscribe. (Take our money. Please.)

The photogenic dogs we have in mind for the first issue come to us from Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center, located in Columbus, Ohio. The shelter reunites lost dogs with their owners, takes in strays and rehabilitates dogs for adoption, while priding themselves on providing responsible enforcement of dog laws, compassionate treatment of shelter dogs, and educating the community. The shelter hosts the bi-monthly Mingle with Our Mutts, which is a very popular rescue event and we’re sure could produce loads more Cute Dog Monthly cover-dogs.

And now meet your Real Shelter Dogs, complete with opening-credits worthy taglines!

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Love me because I’m sweet.” - Kona

This is Kona. She is wiggly and playful and would do anything for a treat! She is three-and-a-half years old, housebroken, and so intelligent! For more information about Kona, visit here.

“It’s not about how much energy you have, it’s about how much fun you have using it.” - Dennis

Dennis is a three-year-old goofy and energetic guy! You will never have a dull moment with him by your side! For more information about Dennis, visit here.

“I believe in an excess of everything… especially love." - Charming

Charming is the sweetest pup you'll ever meet. He is one-and-a-half years old, and 58 pounds of love! For more information about Charming, visit here.

Having lots of best friends isn't important to me, but being with my best friend is.” - Janet

Janet loves to be by your side. This four-year-old pooch is low maintenance, easygoing, and happiest when she is getting attention. For more information about Janet, visit here.

“Sometimes Titan needs to go on an adventure. What can I say?” - Titan

Titan is the most handsome guy around! He is a two-year-old bachelor looking for love! He is charming and fun, and always ready for an adventure! For more information about Titan, visit here.

“Some people call me a wallflower, but that's not me. I bloom.” - Ivory

Ivory is gentle and calm and is happiest when she can curl up next to you. She is a four-year-old beauty looking for a big comfy couch to call home. For more information about Ivory, visit here.

Please visit for more information. To give any of these precious puppers a forever home, please call the shelter at 614-525-3647 or visit here.

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