You Can't Live in This Cat Tree But It Still Costs More Than Your Rent

You Can't Live in This Cat Tree But It Still Costs More Than Your Rent

Do you love your cat enough to buy one?

By Brienne Walsh

Even though the first cat café was in Taiwan, somehow Japan has become synonymous with the phenomenon ... and with extreme cat obsession (hello, Hello Kitty). But do people there love kitties enough to spend more on a cat tree than the average human being spends on a single-person studio rental in the suburbs of Tokyo?

The answer is obviously yes. Japanese people LOOOVE cats. For them, there is now the Modern Cat Tree NEKO, which is designed by Yoh Komiyama, and sold by Rinn, a cat luxury lifestyle brand based in Japan. It is constructed out of materials including Greek marble, Japanese hardwood, and Scandinavian textiles.

How much can a cat tree possibly cost, you might ask? This one retails for ¥1,080,000 (approximately $9,570). According to Real Estate Japan, the average annual rental for a single-person studio in a Tokyo suburb is ¥690,000 a year. To put it in perspective, you would have to pay almost $800 a month for a year to house this cat tree in your apartment.

But would it make your cats happy? It depends if your cats appreciate the fusion of Eastern and Western materials to create a sleek, modern design.

Um, obviously they do. They are cats. They like the best. They don’t want to be frolicking in some piece of crap plastic thing you bought from Target anymore.

No, what they want is to lie at the Greek marble base of the Modern Cat Tree NEKO when it’s hot. And when they feel cold, they want to be sheltered within rhythmically placed lines of natural wood where they can watch you, with love and distrust, from patches of soft gray Scandinavian felt. Duh.

Go out and get your Modern Cat Tree before they sell out because, like all most things, there are a limited number available. And we just can't predict the next startup founders who want to make it rain cat treets in their sleek, modern homes.

Credit: Modern Cat Tree NEKO

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